4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Workplace Efficiency

4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Workplace Efficiency

Do you often find yourself drearily trudging through your to-do list? Does the Sign of mid-day mean you are leaning over your desk in a daze? Does it take cups and cups of coffee before you can actually get work done?

If you’ve answered yes to all of these, it. safe to assume that your workplace productivity is not at Its most efficient, So, what can you do to change this? Here are four tried and tested (and very easy) tips on how you can increase your workplace efficiency to get more done in a day!

Avoid Responding To Emails First Thing In The Day

You’re bound to see a loaded unread inbox when you first log on in the morning. if you start responding to mails as soon as you start your day. Will end up exhausting your mind just by the time you finally see that ‘unread mails’ number disappear from your inbox, Rather than spending the most productive hours of the morning writing repetitive emails and answering queries, get most critical tasks out Of the way, and then head to your inbox post-lunch.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

We all create a to-do list at but very often, this to-do list composes of the first few things that come to mind in no particular order and you start working your way from the top down Now, quite often. roost crucial tasks fall midway in the list and by the time you get to those, you’ll be a little drained already. Or, you’ll attempt to finish off the smaller tasks on the list before getting to the big ones That’s a no-no too! Write down your to-do list as usual. and then take a few minutes to prioritize the tasks. Just add numbers next to the tasks, in order of important Then. start working on the task marked 1. rather than just starting at the top of the list, and so on!

Take Quick Breaks To Fill Up A Glass Of Water

It is important to take quick short breaks to keep your mind from getting tired and overworked. so, make it a habit to keep a glass of water on your desk. and get up every 30-40 minutes to walk to the water cooler. fill up the glass and drink it before heading back These short breaks will give your mind a chance to disengage tor a few minutes and you’ll also end up drinking a lot more water which is a great way to keep your mind and body alert as well.

Sign Up For Productivity Technology Tools And Disconnect From Distracting Ones

Do you end up opening Facebook in a new tab every 10-15 minutes? We’ve all done that. rather than turning off from technology completely. turn your attention to online tools that help build productivity. and try to stay off social media which would otherwise leave you distracted. You can find a variety of apps designed to with list-creation, task delegation, task management. intra-team communication and more.

Just these 4 easy tips in mind and incorporatir0 them into your everyday routine will ensure you’re successfully getting through your whole task list, Whether you work from home, or an office!

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