10 Tequila Health Benefits And Side Effects
10 Tequila Health Benefits And Side Effects

This time we will discuss about tequila. Before we see the tequila health benefits, have you heard of that name? Yes, this is one type of alcoholic beverages that should not be consumed in vain. Alcoholic drinks certainly have side-effects and are bad for health, however, the health benefits are even more disadvantageous.

But in the western world, alcoholic beverages such as tequila include a legalized drink. But Muslims are forbidden to consume it because it is prohibited by religion. The reason is clear, ugliness is greater than the goodness. Apart from that, in terms of health tequila has several health benefits and we will see it in any minutes.

What Is Tequila?

Tequila, when talking about tequila, we can not be separated from agave plants, because tequila is made from this plant. To make tequila, which is used is a blue agave plant. However, do you know why alcohol is called tequila? Yes, its manufacture in a city called “tequila” in Mexico. More precisely in western Mexico, Los Altos area in the Jalisco State. In addition to Mexico, there are several other cities producing tequila such as Guanajuata, Nayarit, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas. Ok, now look at the nutrients and health benefits of tequila for the body.

Nutrient Contents on Tequila

For alcohol drinkers, tequila may be very popular. Not because of taste, not because of the price but because it is free from  fat. So it does not increase the weight. Here’s the nutrient content in 2 tequila sloki.

In two drink containers contain Calories: 194 kcal, Sodium: 1 mg, Potassium: 2 mg, contains fat: 0%, and carbohydrates as much Carbohydrates: 0% and Proteins: 0%.

There is no fat at all, so they should not be afraid of being overweight from drinking this alcohol. However, the side effects of consuming tequila is remain. All alcoholic beverages must have side effects. However, a person’s body can be different in feeling it. It depends on the body’s resilience, body health, immunity and other.

Ok, Although there are side effects from drinking tequila, here we see the tequila health benefits.

Health Benefits of Tequila for Body

1. Helps to lose weight

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and have not succeeded, tequila is one of the beverages that can help you. It is true, if you have above average weight, you should stay away from alcoholic beverages. However, its different to tequila, it is made from agave plants that contain agavin substances, it contains a substance that can reduce fat consumption. In addition, tequila does not raise your blood sugar so it is safe for you.

2. Tequila Contains Probiotics

The next health benefit of tequila is maintaining immunity. Tequila contains probiotics, these are good bacteria that play an important role in body immunity. So, probiotics keep the body system and balance.

3. Maintain digestive health

If you have problems with digestion, you will lose your appetite or you will not eat in time. You do not have to worry about this problem, do not hurry to take chemical drugs. Tequila can overcome your problems, this drink will increase your appetite including protect metabolism.

4. Against Osteoporosis

The tequila health benefits also popular for their ability to fight osteoporosis. Why like that? It is has been proven and there is research that says. The study was conducted on a group of experimental mice, they were injected with osteoporosis and then divided into two groups. One group was given agave, fructose containing osteocalcin. This protein can produce new bone. Another one is the group that is not given agave.

The researchers looked at the bones in each mouse group, the goal being to see how the agave affects the mice.

After these studies run for 8 weeks, they test and found an extraordinary fact. The agave rats group had more than 50% osteocalcin protein compared to the other group that was not administered. Thrown again, agave-supplied mice also have bone diameter developments.

5. Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a frightening disease due to unhealthy lifestyles. Do you have potential for diabetes mellitus, does your family have a history of the disease? Do not worry, one of the tequila health benefits is to prevent diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made from blue agave. Agave plants contain a substance called agavin. This is a natural sugar that can not easily digest in blood vessels like any other sugar. Mean, agavins do not cause increase sugar in the blood. Preferably, agavins serves as a substance that can control blood sugar levels.

About agavin, there is a 2010 study conducted by the Guanajuato Polytechnic Institute. They found that fructose polymer in agave can increase the hormone GLP-1, which improves insulin function, so diabetes can be controlled.

6. Reduce the risk of dementia

Dementia is a common disease in the elderly that causes a person difficult to remember. Among the symptoms of dementia is difficult to remember, often forget, confused, emotion unstable, often exchange something and others.

There is research showing that dementia is related to drinking alcohol. People who consume alcohol within reasonable limits have fewer risks than those who consume alcohol daily. However, in contrast to consuming tequila, this is an alcoholic beverage but useful to reduce dementia.

7. Treating insomnia

Furthermore, the benefit of drinking tequila is to help the problem of insomnia. Are you, your friend or your family experiencing insomnia? Ok, tequila might help you treat insomnia. Tequila contains substances that make the body relaxed so you can sleep soundly.

8. Not Intoxicating

Do you think tequila is all alcoholic? No, there are some types of tequila that do not contain high alcohol. There are 100% “agave” content. So, if someone is drunk while drinking tequila, maybe he did not buy that 100% agave. So, note also the level of alcohol.

9. Prevent depression

Are you stressed, depressed or anything like that? If so, calm down your self by consuming tequila. In tequila there are substances that can make you relax and able to help insomnia problem. So, this substance is also useful to make you relax.

10. Relief Constipation

Lastly, the tequila health benefits are preventing constipation. As explained at the beginning of the article, tequila contains probiotics, good bacteria to increase the body’s metabolism so that your constipation is lost. So, consuming tequila can relieve constipation that befell you so far.

Side Effects of Tequila

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage, so it does not get rid of the side effects. Here we talk about some bad effects.

1. Drunk and Over doze

Although tequila has health benefits, but the name of alcoholic beverages must have an adverse effect. If you consume excessively you will get drunk and lose balance, speech is not clear, nausea, and others.

2. Impair the brains

One of the side effects of tequila is disrupting the brain. Despite the drink, but it is also called medicine. Consuming tequila will have an adverse effect on the brain such as decreasing the level of memorization, reducing your intelligence and other things.

3. Cause a Cancer

Furthermore, drinking tequila can also be potentially cancerous. Indeed, the tequila health benefits are great for health, but the adverse effects are much greater for your life. Alcoholic drinks, of any kind, can increase the risk of cancer.

4. Addictive Drink

To get the benefits of tequila, you should limit consumption. Drinking every night is very bad for health. If you are addicted, mean you are damaging your health slowly.


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