Yoga For Holistic Well-Being

Yoga For Holistic Well-Being

Yoga is a way of living, Domolnea with a deep philosophy. Thus, it doesn’t merely comprise of postures and breathing exercises, but is a lifestyle commitment that can change 360 degrees of all aspects of your lite. Yogic practices also prevent and treat (to a great extent) psychic, psychosomatic and somatic diseases.

Furthermore, yoga also encourages in creating a balance in your nervous and endocrine system, which has a direct influence on the systems and organs of your body. Besides, it can heal, heighten your immunity, reboot your system to rejuvenate it and accelerate cellular regeneration, while revitalizing your organs and your system and orchestrating your organic functions.

How Yoga Helps

Though disease affects your body, it orighiates in your mind first. When your mind is stressed, it affects the flow of energy which consistently affects you at a physiological level, resulting in psychosomatic diseases, namely asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, practicing regular breathing exercises and meditation enables in keeping the mind calm and resilient to help prevent and also overcome migraine, depression, etc.

So, taking up yoga as a way of life, combined with a nutritious balanced diet can keep all diseases at bay. Yoga advocates drinking liquids like water, buttermilk, and lime juice and dinner at least one hour before going to bed. Yoga also recommends avoiding fast food, junk food, sugary foods, and spicy foods, as all these foods may boost energy for a while, but very soon you will be deprived of it. Hence, make sure you plan your daily meals to maintain a balanced diet with a healthy interval between two meals.

Taking up yoga as way of life combined with a nutritious balanced diet can keep all diseases at bay

Eating Right

When it comes to eating, what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat, is equally important. Good eating habits like chewing your food properly and seating in a comfortable cross-legged position is advised to ensure maximum blood supply to the stomach. Yoga also propagates positive thoughts, a healthy lifestyle and a vegetarian diet.

Your values shape up your attitude, your attitude determines your behaviour and ultimately your behaviour determines your actions. Thus, yoga recommends practicing the four traits of virtue, wisdom, detachment, and strength for holistic wellness and also for freedom from physical and mental discomfort.

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