Wonderful Ways To Invite Positivity And Attain Inner Peace!

Wonderful Ways To Invite Positivity And Attain Inner Peace!

“If you try hard to control a situation, you’ll end up getting stressed and will generate negative energy”

Life Is A Learning Process

Life is full of ups and downs, if life gives you good moments to enjoy and live to the fullest, it also gives you some tough moments to recognize your true potential, to revive the strength within you, to help you learn and grow and to teach you the art of letting go and transform your state of mind with positive uplifting.

When in a peaceful state, you get the positive energy to change your mood and your circumstances, with positive and productive thoughts. On the other hand, when you are stuck in negative situations and resist – it creates a lot of negative vibes which are reflected in you and others around you. Hence, here are a few ways to invite positive energy into your life and to attain inner peace.

Meditate At The Beginning Of Your Day

Focus on your breathing and become mindful of your present state, by relaxing and sitting in a comfortable position. Deeply focus while you breathe in and breathe out.

Try and chant ‘Om’ to get into a focussed state of mind. Keep your absolute attention on the sounds and vibrations that the word ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ create in your body. This is an effective form of meditation to keep calm and stay positive throughout the day.

Make Uplifting Music A Part Of Your Day

Music largely affects the brain and emotions. So create a list of songs which have a positive effect on your brain. Play the shortlisted songs every morning, while getting dressed or while driving/travelling to work.

Greet Everyone With A Smile

When you want your day to start with positivity, others too, must be expecting the same. You never know what others are experiencing, so your small positive gesture may bring a smile on their face. Moreover, you cannot begin a positive day while holding onto resentment against others. So treat all with love.

Find Positivity In All Situations

Bad and good are mere perceptions, created by the human mind.We humans are conditioned with certain belief patterns that need to be broken, to understand reality.

In truth, all life’s situations are truly bliss and are the sign of one truth – named the universe, God or divine energy. View all situations with this belief, for situations to reveal their grace and bliss to you at the right time.

Fret Not About The Future And Let Go Of Past Resentments

A few things in life are bound to happen and nothing is achieved except stress, by fretting and worrying about these things. Learn to surrender a few situations to the universe and you will ultimately reach your divine path.

By worrying, you consciously create negative energy in abundance, which may harm your present and your entire being. So, take a deep breath and just relax! Moreover, do not let any past memory ruin your present and your inner self – forgive yourself, forgive others and live in the moment.

Visualize A Positive Life

Focus on the positivity that is deep inside you, which ultimately manifests in positive outcomes and gives positive surroundings. Begin your day with a powerful visualization of a peaceful and positive life. Practice this for a few days and you will be amazed to feel the positive vibes, you will have throughout the day.

Accept That You Cannot Control Everything

Things happen for some reason. Sometimes, you cannot control everything and all you can do is just leave things to time. it you try hard to control a situation, you’ll end up getting stressed and will generate negative energy.

So, wouldn’t it be more peaceful and relaxing if you let go of few things and allow yourself to go with the flow of time? As mentioned earlier, sometimes we have to surrender things to the universe and let things happen for the divine good. The people who learn this art, generate more positive energy and manifest the true bliss of life.

Be Close To Nature

Go for a morning walk, gaze at the flowers, trees and grass, feel the positivity in nature and experience the sense of peace one feels around Nature that resonates from one’s inner being. This peace will then, ignite your true ‘still’ nature.

In Feng Shul, few plants are even known to do away with the negative energy and bring positivity, like money plant, bamboo plant, aloe vera, and Chinese evergreen etc.

These are a few simple practices to ward off negative energy and transform it in to positive energy. Release negative emotions, practice meditation and feel the lightness and spaciousness within your body. Hence, embrace positive emotions and live happily!

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