When Ear Plugs Aren’t Enough To Tackle Snoring

When Ear Plugs Aren’t Enough To Tackle Snoring

Have you ever been super tired after a ridiculously long day at work, and you just want to deliberately pass out on the bed and dream of sleep while sleeping? And when the time finally comes, your dear spouse constructs an unbearable roadblock to your sleeping dream by snoring. What do you do? Holding her/ his nose isn’t going to help and waking her/him up every few minutes is only going to get awkward in the long run.

Couples going through this common yet tiring experience should understand that snoring can be a sign of other serious health problems. Yet, it can also be something as simple as not getting enough rest. Here are a few things you could do to help your spouse get rid of the snoring problem.

Lose The Extra Weight

Snoring occurs when the soft tissue in your airway vibrates while breathing. Excess weight can be causing the snoring The extra flab in your throat can make the airway narrower and will also vibrate along with the soft tissue creating the thunderous snores. Exercising each day for about twenty minutes can do wonders. Join your spouse in these workout routines and you can also get better sleep when you exercise. Anti-snoring throat exercises can also certainly help with this.

Say No To Sleeping Pills

If your spouse is having trouble going to sleep or if she/he is reluctant to go to sleep worrying about the snoring, then either suggest that he/she should read a book or put on some relaxing music to bring on a calming environment. Sleeping pills are a big no-no when it comes to trying to stop snoring, They relax all your muscles and that includes your throat muscles which reduces the airway passage and dials-up the snoring volume. Nightcaps and alcohol just before bed does the same thing and it’s wise to quit at least for a peaceful night’s rest.

Get Enough Sleep

Snoring can sometimes be due to lack of sleep too. If you’re tired and haven’t been getting enough sleep in a long time, all of a sudden snoring becomes the unwelcome guest in your bed. The only way to overcome this is to really relax and sleep off the tiredness. It’s your body demanding rest and it’s very important to give in.

Incline The Bed

Elevating the bed can alter the sleeping position and the airways can have a way better flow of breath, Keeping couple of planks of wood at the legs of the cot can help. Alternatively, bigger pillows as well as always trying to sleep on the sides, is known to reduce snoring to a great extent.

See A Physician

It’s advisable to visit a doctor if none of the usual tricks to get rid of snoring works, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious issue and there is not much difference from the loud snoring problem. Don’t postpone the necessary visit because OSA can release stress hormones, change your body energy usage, etc.

Set Up The Second Room

Last resort and the worst case scenario is to fix up your guest room for you to get some good night’s sleep. It does sound unromantic having to say goodnight to your spouse and then go to the other room, but losing sleep is doing you serious harm. Functioning better at work requires your brain cells or neurons to have better communication with each other, Your body needs the sleep to repair itself as well as fixing the neuron links or creating better links in your brain. So cuddle and then kiss your spouse goodnight before you head to the other room to get some well-deserved sleep.

People who snore actually tend to get really bad sleep and is as taxing for them as it is on their spouses, So, fixing the snoring issue is beneficial not just for you but for your significant other to get the rest you both really deserve!

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