What You Should Know About GMO Foods

What You Should Know About GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods are engineered from DNA of different species of plants, animal, bacterial and viral genes. This method is basically used to improve the quality of crops and foods. There are many food products which are created in the lab. such as aspartame, corn, zucchini, papaya, yellow squash, edamame (SOY), canola oil, cottonseed oil, canned fruits, breads, salad dressings. ice cream, basmati rice and so on.

Potential Risks Of Eating GMO Foods

  • The main health concern related to genetically modified (GM) foods is the riSk Of allergies due to toxins and also genetic hazards
  • As the crops cultivated are sprayed With various harmful pesticides for immunity against weeds, there is more exposure to pesticides
  • These foods are not at all 100 per cent organic or environment-friendly, as it is modified with various substances hidden from the food labels
  • GMO foods generally make individuals more prone to diseases
  • They are nutritionally deficient and the overuse of pesticides leads to the production of carcinogens

Identifying GMO Products And Ways To Avoid Them

Try to buy certified organic foods by checking for non-GMO or GMO-free foods. Also, if the labels say it is 100 per cent organic, it does not mean its GMO-free. Thus, it is important that you should always buy from a good vendor. or if you are buying online, check for its authenticity

It is always advisable to shop for fresh and local products, as these seasonal foods are always free from harmful chemicals. Also, always avoid packaged food and follow the advice: ‘eat less from the box and more from the earth.

When eating outside, be careful and avoid the foods which generally contain GMO’s and other stuff.

Check for food labels with some hidden names of GMO, like corn flour, corn masa, cornmeal, starch, modified food, E951, fructose syrup, xanthan gum and much more.

Buy meat that states that the animals are 100 per cent organic-fed.

Even if you have to buy non-GMO foods on a budget, grow your own food, buy in bulk and buy lots of fresh foods and vegetables.

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