What is the ‘Wild Diet?’

What is the ‘Wild Diet?’

The Wild Diet includes all foods found in the wild. Introduced by Abel James this is a trending diet, focused on burning fat with the help of eating plenty of natural whole foods and ditching processed foods.

So, it’s time to take a deep breath and start eating real wild (natural) foods. An added advantage of the ‘wild diet’ is that all the foods are easily available and affordable. This diet also helps improve overall health by dropping unnecessary fat. It boosts energy too. Here are a few Wild Diet’ facts.

Facts About The ‘Wild Diet’

It’s a known fact that 80 per cent of weight loss occurs due to changes in the diet and not exercise. So eating the right quantity and quality foods helps in building muscles, though without exercise nothing is possible. But the majority of the change has to take place in your food habits.

High quality fatty foods are a big yes, as fat is required to burn fat, It means for the metabolism of tat inside the body, fat is essential. So1 completely avoiding fats may not help in burning the stored fat.

Focussing on the quality of foods helps in maintaining perfect weight and health. By consuming natural wild foods which are rich in fibre and nutrients, the body uses those nutrients to metabolize the hidden fat and in turn supplies energy to the cells.

Hence, all the stored fat over the decades starts to melt slowly when you start a ‘wild diet’ which is nothing but natural foods and less of processed, sugary and simple carb foods.

Dump the silent killers which are the ‘simple carbs’ such as refined foods that are overloaded with plenty of unhealthy ingredients. These include white flour, white sugar, industrial seed oils, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) etc. These unhealthy carbs are not only loaded with sugars which provide empty calories but are also fattening with adulterated oils.

Adopting the ‘wild diet’ will help in tilling your tummy with natural fibres, healthy fats, proteins and complex, slow burning carbs,

The latest trend of losing weight without starving is in vogue. So eat real foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, high quality fats like nuts, meat, cheese etc. protein foods like poultry, nuts and dairy products, as these foods help in keeping you fit and healthy. Losing weight is an added advantage.

Eating low quality foods when you are really hungry, especially foods that are low in nutrition will never satisfy your brain and body and finally you will land up eating more and thus pile on more calories. But the ‘wild diet’ advocates eating real and fresh whole foods which will keep hunger at bay and will in turn help you avoid binge eating habits.

Another interesting fact about this diet is that it suggests eating in a guilt-free manner. It also promotes celebrating with your whole family and friends by ordering plenty of food and sharing it, as this trick helps in sharing both, love and calories.

Carrying a yummy and healthy snack is another point to be noted. Never starve for long hours. Also, while travelling keep a few healthy snacks handy, such as dark chocolate, cheese, veggie sticks, fruits, nuts etc.

Health Tip

Choose to eat fresh foods rather than stored preserved foods.

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