What Is Hypnobirthing?

What is Hypnobirthing?

Though we may not recognise it, we all experience hypnosis in our daily life. For instance, when we are driving on the highway talking to our friend in the passenger seat, our conscious mind engages in the conversation, while our sub-conscious mind automatically does everything needed to drive the car.

Science has revealed that about 95 per cent of our thought process takes place when we are awake, but while some of these programs’ are positive, empowering and helpful, some thoughts may be limiting. Our parents, teachers, siblings, and friends are our hidden hypnotists and play their part in framing these programs.

Reprogramming A Woman’s Mind

Women have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is associated with labour. Thus, during labour, the fright response in the body causes muscles to constrict, rather than relax, which in turn increases pain and prevents the body from performing the regular physiology of birthing.

A very interesting fact to be noted is that our subconscious mind finds it difficult to differentiate between our imagination and real experience. Hence, a woman’s mind can be reprogrammed to release the fear of birthing and limitations, through hypnobirthing exercises like practicing new thoughts and actions, self-hypnosis, visualization, relaxation, positive stories, and affirmations.

How Hypnobirthing Promotes Relaxation

Hypnobirthing, whæh s a proven and med method in around 45 countries, was founded by Mane Mongan. It is a childbirth education programme which can help in guiding and preparing women to give birth in a beautiful and stress-free manner. Hypnobirthing considers the psychological as well as physical well-being of both the new-born and the mother.

Further, evidence points out that preborn and new-born babies are cognizant, sensitive and feeling human beings, who are participants in pregnancy and birth. Thus, the parents should educate and prepare themselves for birthing as mostly, spouses are also nervous and don’t have an idea about their role and support in the birth process.

Hypnobirthing sessions prepare spouses to stay calm and relaxed and to lend their loving presence and participation throughout the different phases of birthing. These sessions equip the birthing parents with different techniques like calm breathing, birth breathing and relaxation scripts to help build a safe and positive parent-baby relationship, through pre-birth bonding exercises. Women at low risk and parents who have fears about interventions and the birthing process are the ones who benefit from hypnobirthing.

Advantages Of Hypnobirthing

  • Eliminates fear and tension about pain during and after the birth process
  • Reduces the need for other interventions
  • Lessens fatigue during labour
  • Reduces risk of pelvic floor damage
  • Improves parent-baby bonding
  • Involves birthing companion
  • Removes post-natal baby blues
  • Helps babies be calm and happy
  • Provides a gentle, safe and calm birthing experience

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