Ways To Invite Spirituality Into Your Life

Ways To Invite Spirituality Into Your Life

“Spirituality can be envisioned and experienced at various levels and forms, ultimately leading us to decide the correct course of action for our future endeavours”

According to the information processing theory in psychology, input which is rehearsed properly stays and Input which is not, dissipates and this directly affects our output. Thus, spirituality helps us to rehearse relevant ideas and clear out irrelevant ideas which eventually leads us towards a composed state of existence.

The Jumbled Mind

Human beings have an innate capacity to think beyond the obvious and our thinking processes can lead us on a journey towards being socially functional or dysfunctional. We as individuals, tend to generate some kind of support system in our minds to keep us rooted to ground realities and help us experience positivity and peace.

But there are times when the mind gets all jumbled up, creating the need for a consistent support system. And there could be several ways and different coping strategies depending on a person’s orientation.

Spirituality De-Clogs The Mind
Spirituality can be experienced across religions with a cross cultural orientation. It can be experienced at a level which can go a step ahead from our routine traditional methods of experiencing the presence of certain powerful elements in our lives. Spirituality can be envisioned and experienced at various levels and forms, ultimately leading us to decide the correct course of action for our future endeavours. Spirituality has also often helped individuals to de-clog their minds for a better perspective. Here are a few ways to Invite spirituality into your life.

It happens to be one the oldest and time tested methods to clear up the contusion in one’s mind. Praying brings about the feeling of support and anchor in your life, It also helps you focus with a single point reference centre and this in turn, may bring about a change in your thought processes letting go of the redundant disturbing and dysfunctional ideas; you may also start thinking anew. Praying can be a scheduled or unscheduled process depending on the need or intensity with which help is sought. All said and done praying brings about a soothing effect.

When done through a proper procedure, meditation can help clear your mind and make way for fresher thoughts.

It disciplines your body and mind together with a wonderful approach on concentration and focus and this in turn helps you towards more mindfulness and less cluttering.

Spiritual Texts
Reading of spiritually oriented texts many at times bring about answers to long pending questions. Also, the writing or journaling of spiritual thoughts helps replace negative emotions

Spiritual Communities
These provide one with a social support. Satsangs or sermons or chanting provides you with a better insight into the mind and to distinguish what needs to be stored and what needs to be discarded. Any repeated thought or action is boosting and that’s precisely what spirituality does to your mind.

How The Mind Benefits With Spirituality

Spirituality enhances the thought process and raises it a notch higher, helping to find more functional solutions. It also reinforces the strength within us to face a given situation without being judgemental. It prepares you to accept the good and not so good results, with a lighter heart and better state of consciousness. Also, research and real life examples have shown that a person who Is spiritually oriented will be less inclined to pile up backlogs and will be better equipped to clean up whatever is irrelevant.

Spirituality gives you a different outlook towards yourself and society, making you less reactive and more proactive. Layering of concepts and ideas in the mind without proper organization leads to a closeted feeling and you lose focus and scope for functional thinking. Through spirituality your mind is able to explore emotions, release energy, have social support, overcome hardships etc. And with a clean mind you are able to lead a healthier life with better choices. Thus, spirituality with all its power acts as a catalyst and orients your mind towards lateral thinking.

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