Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy Levels

Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy Levels

Cultural perceptions that equate ageing with decline need to be seriously reassessed, as assumptions and myths about what constitutes ‘normal ageing’ abound in society. We are lucky to be alive in this era, with older adults living in good health and enjoying a longer life. This leads us to rethink and consider senior citizens as societal assets and not a burden to society.

As the elderly realise they are growing old, they learn to adjust to circumstances. However, they often complain to their physicians about feeling low and tired. This attitude of ‘l know I am ageing’ is fatalistic. In fact, depression, weakness, and fatigue are not the after-effects of becoming old and energy does not necessarily diminish with age. It is just an indication that there are some issues and health needs that need to be evaluated.

Understanding The Causes Of Tiredness

With a decrease in physical activity, most adults think they need lesser calories, not realizing that their body still needs the same levels of nutrients for the best health outcomes. Meeting these needs and keeping obesity at bay is challenging for older adults and a lack of physical activity leads to sleeplessness.

With a decrease in physical activity, most adults think they need lesser calories, not realizing that their body still needs the same levels of nutrients for the best health outcomes

The elderly do not realize that less than seven hours of sleep a night may be a huge energy zapper. This is evident from how often we come across the elderly falling asleep unintentionally, in the midst of doing something.

Have Adequate Carbohydrates To Combat Fatigue

A common myth associated with ageing and diet is about low carb diets being good for health. The reality is that our bodies need carbohydrates to produce fuel. If these carbs are missing and our body craves them, the brain will manipulate the body to steal energy that is stored in our muscles, causing a loss in muscle mass and slower metabolism, leading to sluggishness and fatigue, over time.

Avoid An Overdose Of Medicines

Another energy zapper is the overdose of medications consumed by senior citizens. The primary function of the liver is to remove toxins from the body. So, an overdose of medicines stresses the liver, leading to tiredness. However, periodic medication, reviewed with primary care physician helps boost energy levels.

Declutter Your Living Spaces

Clutter too, is a major reason for feeling overwhelmed and tired. It is hard to believe, but it’s true that clutter zaps energy! Sentimental attachments become important along life’s journey, but hoarding leads to fatigue. So, decluttering is important! Additionally, a prolonged use of the computer and sitting too long causes blurred vision and fatigue.

Stay Active But In Limits

Any form of exercise or brisk activity which doesn’t make seniors tired, works wonders energy levels. This is because, appropriate exercise boosts efficiency of the cardiovascular system and helps in improving signals to the brain. But remember, an overdose of exercises too can be devastating.

Make Sure You Are Well Hydrated

The lack of water in the body is crucial too. A small amount such as two per cent of dehydration can lead to 30 per cent decrease in ability to do exercises or an activity. So, a mindful effort in drinking about two litres of water every day perks up energy levels considerably. Bad habits like smoking and drinking excess caffeine are big deterrents to well-being and feeling energetic.

Keep Stress At Bay With Meditation

Stress is another factor that depletes energy levels. Meditation works wonders for health and energy levels as it ‘switches off’ the brain helping to recharge and refocus. ‘Use it or lose it,’ is just as true for the body as for the mind. An active mind puts sluggishness and lethargy at bay and indulging in new experiences, brain-focused games, art, and crafts, hobbies, etc. keep the elderly engaged, helping prevent cognitive decline and tiredness!

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Feeling Depressed

  • Am I exercising enough?
  • Am I seeping too much or too little?
  • Am I eating healthy?
  • Am I socializing enough?
  • Am I doing things for me?

Tips To Boost Energy Among The Elderly

  • Make sure you stay active. Try out some simple daily routines like jogging, gardening, etc.
  • Sleep well for at least six to eight hours. If your body stays active, sleeping won’t be a problem
  • Try meditation. It helps you relax, stay calm and provides you energy throughout the day
  • Speak to your friend so that you can restore energy levels after a fine chat
  • Go on a vacation with your family. Travelling and sightseeing can help keep you active

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