Wacky Workouts That Work

Wacky Workouts That Work

Fitness is an important aspect of one’s lifestyle today, but it need not necessarily be boring or routine. The more Interesting your workouts are, the more you enjoy exercising. If you are already looking for different workouts, your search stops here. Mentioned below are five wacky workouts that will really help you stay in shape and also tone your muscles.

Pole Dance

Pole dance is not limited to strip clubs anymore? if you want a full body workout, try pole dance as it has the right mixture of cardio and weights. It strengthens the core muscles as you have to climb up the pole using only your hands. Both upper body and lower body muscles are used in this workout and an added advantage ¡s your muscles will tone up.

Heel Hop

For a low intensity tun and sensual workout, check out heel hop to shed extra weight. This program is designed so that participants develop toned, lean lower bodies with slim waists, All you need is a pair of killer heels and you are set. This workout also strengthens core muscles and is a good cardio exercise.

Aqua Zumba

Zumba has made its place in mainstream fitness and it is a great way to reshape your body. And like Zumba, Aqua Zumba too Is focused on dance moves but done ¡n water. Due to resistance in water, it may be a little tiring but it is worth it as it is a great strength and cardio training program. So, if you love water, this is a great workout for you.

Aerial Yoga

Add a bit of trapeze to traditional yoga and we have aerial yoga. Also known as anti-gravity yoga, this form of yoga helps to improve posture. Silk hammocks are used to help the practitioners gain better posture and the hammocks reduce stress on the spine. The body posture is improved and shows results quicker than traditional yoga. Therefore, this trend Is fast catching up.

Drumming Workout

This fitness trend is fast catching up. Majorly two types are seen in this fitness; pound and drums alive. In pound, you hit the ground at least 1000 times with light weight drum sticks known as ripstixs. The exercises are put in together in such a manner that you will burn about 450-900 calories in a 45 minutes session. Drums alive has more of aerobics and even this workout burns a lot of calories. Exercise balls and dance aerobic moves are incorporated in this.

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