Understanding Why Constitution Is Vital In Homeopathy

Understanding Why Constitution Is Vital In Homeopathy

“In homeopathy, medicine is given on the basis of a person’s constitution”

The physical and mental make-up of an individual is known as his/her constitution and every person gets his/ her constitution at the time the zygote is formed. When the ovum and sperm fuse and conception occurs, the constitution (make-up of a person) is framed.

What Is Understood By Constitution

Ayurveda introduced ‘constitution’ for the first time and it catted it ‘prakruti’. The concept of constitution is also widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, since thousands of years. Later, Hippocrates, the father of medicine introduced the tradition of studying the constitution in clinical medicine, which makes it one of the oldest living traditions in western medicine.

Thus, in homoeopathy too, medicine is given on the basis of a person’s constitution. Psychologists have also provided us with their concept of constitution. And in present time, endocrinologists are trying to divide the constitutions of mankind.

It is interesting to know that all the systems right from Ayurveda to endocrinologists – all have tried to describe different types of constitutions but surprisingly, it has resulted in only three or four types. The names according to them have varied, but classification could not go beyond three or four types. It is also amazing that in different eras and along with considering different viewpoints, it still remained only three or four!

It is like the constitution of a country – It provides status and a position to one, but at the same time, it can create difficult issues in the country. The same way, in the human constitution, though it gives life to one, at the same time, it produces some good and bad aspects. And these bad points are the causes that bring in several diseases in the later part of a person’s life.

Constitutional Diseases/Disorders

Homeopathy has the capacity to cure constitutional issues and this way of kind of treatment is called ‘constitutional treatment.’ Any disease which is recurrent in nature and is associated with inborn physical conditions and also displays hereditary susceptibility, belongs to constitutional disorders. So, both mental and physical diseases/disorders can be constitutional in nature and here are a few examples:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia

You can treat constitutional disorders and prevent them from transforming into diseases if it is treated in the initial stage and nipped in the bud on time.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy may prove effective in treating some disease and finding out a long lasting solution for the same. This treatment involves proper case-taking and the matching of the individual’s constitutional symptoms with the constitutional symptoms of the medicines.

Constitutional homeopathy treatment considers the individual as a whole and treatment is prescribed accordingly. By getting to know how a person’s constitution is, homeopaths can decide the course of action and can also become aware of the homeopathy remedies that may be needed by the patient. This is especially effective when treating chronic cases.

Biological Transit Phases Of Life

Every human being passes through a phase of development and final decline. This shows that how every man is like a wave and this wave has biological transit phases. The biological transit phases of lite include:

  • Pregnancy : This is a condition in which there are large changes in the body that prepares for the emergence and development of new life.
  • At Birth And First Week Of Life : Newborn babies usually have premature organs including the skin. So, it is the most important phase of development.
  • Dentition : This phase pertains to the development and arrangement of teeth in the mouth. In particular, it can be termed as the characteristic arrangements of teeth in the mouth at a given age.
  • Puberty : During this stage physical and hormonal changes occur in the body and a child’s body matures into an adult body, making it capable of reproduction. Hormonal changes are at its peak in this stage.
  • Before Marriage : Marriage is a time of merging. It is when two families and two persons are merged together. Also, two biologies get merged and an exchange of diseases also takes place. However, homoeopathy can prevent this biological pollution.
  • Old Age : This phase includes several changes as people gradually lose their re-generative abilities with growing age. They are susceptible to more diseases and sicknesses than younger adults.

During the biological transit phase, the constitution shows up, hence constitutional treatment is important in these phases of life.

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