Tips To Eat Right While Travelling

Tips To Eat Right While Travelling

Nobody enjoys holidays by gaining weight, but most of us do gain weight, because we easily give up on our diet or general healthy eating habits while travelling. The excitement an lack of time on our hands, make us forget diet rules and we end up succumbing at fast food restaurants while hunger strikes. But, if we keep healthy food with us, we can maintain a healthy routine while travelling too. After all, it would be good to be mindful of food safety even while travelling.

There are many aspects like lack of time, break in daily habits and also the, ‘I can eat anything’ attitude which results in vacation pudge that lasts longer than we expect it to, However, only a few things need to be kept in mind, while travelling to combat this problem and to be able to maintain proper nutrition to keep your body nourished and hydrated as well.

Eat the local food of every place you visit but make sure it is hygienic and clean

Points To Remember About Eating While Travelling

Eating Healthy is A Choice
When you miss your meals, you miss out on nutrition. So, the first step is to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your main meats and to try and select balanced meal options like you would have at home. Sometimes, when this is not possible, take the best choice that’s available – you can’t go wrong with a fruit or nuts.

If you prepare, you will always be fine. For example, the hotel buffet breakfast otters you all healthy and unhealthy food. Thus, it’s a choice you have to make. Also, remember to keep yourself well hydrated. Moreover, you will always find something that can provide nutrition to your body.

Pay Attention To Nutrition
You cannot ignore nutrition even for a day, because billions of your cells are screaming out for the vitamins and minerals they need to keep your body organs functioning. So, travel or no travel, you must focus on ensuring your body gets the nutrition it needs or you weaken your immunity, or you will feel fatigued and then eat the wrong foods. You may also encourage cravings and give into bingeing. Lack of nutrítion affects mental power too.

Essential Nutrients To Carry

  • A moringa vital which is a plant based multivitamin made from pure moringa leaves
  • A good probiotic formulation that also contains a prebiotic
  • An apple cider extract (or)
  • Green superfood powder or capsules

Quick Nutritious Bites

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Healthy granola energy bars
  • Trail mixes
  • Dates, figs, apricots
  • Fruits and snacks

Energy-Rich Foods

All the right foods provide good energy, ranging from complex carbs like whole grains to fruits, nuts, seeds, lentils, vegetables and beans.

Food Precautions

Eat light foods that are non-spicy and stay away from too much alcohol, don’t try new foods It you have any stomach issues. Eat light, small portions, chew your food and stay hydrated.

Local food is actually the best, so you should eat local in every place you visit, but of course It should be hygienic and clean. Stay away from deep fried or junk foods and processed foods (or if you must) eat it in moderation. For nourishment eat raw foods and fruits like nuts and seeds and fresh fruits.

Stay hydrated, especially on long flights, one tends to get dehydrated rapidly, so you must drink more water and all the more, It you are drinking alcohol, because it further dehydrates you.

Use an App to remind you to drink water or keep a tab on your liquid intake. Remember, tea and coffee is not considered as water, in fact coffee acts as a diuretic and if you have coffee you should also have more water, likewise with alcohol.

Airline food is not the best food, but eat it ¡n moderation because as you need it on long flights. As a healthier option, eat a full meal at home or at the airport before boarding the flight.

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