Tips To Boost Mental Health

Tips To Boost Mental Health

Mental health is a matter of great importance and the status of mental health is directly related to your everyday routine and vice versa. Your interactions at the professional, social and personal level are supremely influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Also, thoughts accumulated over a period of time and newer thoughts at times, also find structure in your reactions and conduct. These thoughts influence your conscious wakeful state and at times also your subconscious and sleep state. Thus, maintaining consistent and positive mental health requires varied personal initiatives and understanding.

Levels Of Mental Imbalances

Let’s just think of mental imbalances in a simpler way. There can be a few basic levels at which mental illness can be experienced. The first level can be our day-to-day struggle for sustenance and survival. These experiences may not be categorized as illness at level one, since measures are incorporated to handle the situation. But if conflicts persist beyond our coping capacity, it can move on to level two.

The second stage requires handling by a professional, with an interactive remediation process. It is a very simple straight line between the normal ‘x’ on one end and not-so-normal ‘y’ on the other end. The movement of a person from x to y can be individualistic or a collective process and happens over a period of time.

The very basic process of valuing ourselves and extending our good will to the society around us, helps in restructuring our status of mind. Setting up realistic goals, working on our strengths and realizing our capacities are the foundation to uphold credibility.

Activities For Mental Wellness

  • Activities like cooking and painting help us to express our emotions in a creative way
  • We can also find solace in dancing, singing speaking, etc.
  • Music and art are therapeutic in nature
  • A good night’s sleep can do wonders for our body and mind A change in a monotonous lifestyle, with the help of planned getaways can yield immense benefits for a healthy mind
  • Further, actively maintaining social communication and developing achievable purpose, provides meaning to life

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