Tips For Kids To Be Monsoon-Ready

Tips For Kids To Be Monsoon-Ready

“Pick up bright multi- raincoats for your kids or look out for prints with their favourite cartoon characters”

Skipping and jumping into puddles of rain water with colourful umbrellas, splashing water on each other, racing paper boats through rippling streams, running across the wet grass getting messy – this is all part of enjoying the rains! So, no wonder the little ones enjoy every little thing about this season.

The onset of cool and refreshing showers of rain is a welcome break from the scorching heat of the sun and we all love this season, but as you know, it’s a tad more popular with the kids and not surprisingly. So, Nevertheless, here are a few tips to help your child sail through the monsoon.

Monsoon Essentials

  • Stock up your kid’s wardrobe with light, bright and loose cotton clothes, as this is the season for them to wear shorts, skirts, cotton leggings and sun dresses.
  • Try to avoid heavy clothing like denim, synthetic or thick cotton and ditch any layering in the rainy season, as this only adds to the muddle.
  • Pull out those colourful skin-friendly cotton socks for your little ones this season, as you will not be able to stop them from playing a lot on wet surfaces in your courtyard or outside.
  • Choose colourful floaters and rubber sandals to go with them, to avoid smelly and sweaty feet.
  • Not only do they dry up easily, they are also comfortable and stylish.
  • However, remember to immediately take them oft, once the kids are indoors.
  • Monsoons can be dark or gloomy at times.
  • To add some zest to your child’s life this season, pick up bright and multi-coloured raincoats for them or look out for prints with their favourite cartoon characters.
  • Choose the cutest of wellington boots to go with them, so that they can jump right into muddy puddles without damaging their feet in the squelching muddy waters.
  • Make your kids wear slightly thicker clothes at night, if it has been raining the entire day and the weather is prone to be a bit cooler.
  • You can also opt for full sleeved pyjamas and night suits, If your baby is less than a year old, you can make him/her wear tootle pyjamas or rompers.
  • During the rainy season, your child might get drenched playing outside in the rain or while coming back from school.
  • For such situations, keep an extra set of clothes ready or carry them along with you when you go out.
  • After all, kids need to stay warm and dry so that they don’t fall sick and end up staying indoors during the season.
  • The idea is to let them have their dose of fun while avoiding any harmful repercussions.

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