The Significance Of Family Support For Well-Being

The Significance Of Family Support For Well-Being

“A family reaffirms the thought of surviving and living amidst diverse circumstances”

An individual’s family governs the pattern of existence for a person and is thus, the most important force in one’s life. A family Initializes an individual’s very presence in the world, sustaining one throughout, depending on the external and internal demands of society and eventually culminating one’s existence into completion.

Shaping An Individual

There are always ups and downs in any family structure, but what matters is yielding workable and practical solutions for growth and existence. This aids in bolstering an individual’s faith and confidence in the people around, making one more receptive to the larger society.

Consequently, a family shapes an individual’s behaviour in many different ways. It also aids in the developmental cycle of a child, leading towards functional adulthood.

Care And Support

A family is a small community in itself and since man is a social animal, society is required as a stepping stone for one to lead a fully functional life, as an adult. Family extends the idea of support and well-being to an individual in a consistent manner, though the projection may differ, depending on the gender, age and situational demands of a person.

A family also shapes an individual, leading one to believe in the institution of life. Situational demands are ruthless in nature and lay demands on an individual – the family comes to one’s aid for physical and mental healing and proves the theory of survival of the fittest.’ Thus, a family reaffirms the thought of surviving and living amidst diverse circumstances.

Fostering Feelings Of Love

In today’s fast-paced lives, several demands are placed on a person but the mere presence and thought of people supporting you, reinstates the feeling of being loved and wanted. These emotions further extend to study and work life of an individual. A family can be fluid or static, nuclear or joint, each with its own share of pros and cons.

Dependency And Interdependency

Conflict resolution depends on the personality and bonding of the family members. Individual characteristics determine dependency. interdependency or co-dependency of family members, on each other and this in turn determines the life events leading to shaping of an individual and making him/her accustomed to changes around.

Upbringing Is Vital

The acceptance of changes and fitting oneself accordingly, makes one psychologically stronger, which is much needed for a state of well being. Psychologists say that a person is an outcome of one’s childhood and childhood is shaped best by the family, which also happens to be the first ‘society’ a child is exposed to and interacts with.

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