Effects of Air Pollution

The Ill-effects Of POLLUTION

The ill effects of pollution on our ecosystem and on our health is well known and ¡s often discussed in detail by one and all. There are various types of pollution that have an impact on the body in their own way and their health hazards are briefly summarized here.

Air Pollution

Air pollution from dust, automobile exhausts, toxic fumes from factories, burning of plastic waste, use of fire crackers, smoking etc. is one of the major forms of pollution worldwide and more so, in India. Although the respiratory system is the major organ that gets affected, it can also act as a portal to the pollutants which affect the liver, bone marrow etc.

Starting from the condition of allergic rhinitis to bronchitis and asthma. most of the urban population seems to be affected by pollutants in the air. The huge increase in the number of people suffering from respiratory allergy or reactive airways is a pointer. Most people suffering from respiratory allergy are highly prone to develop recurrent respiratory tract infection leading to pneumonia.

Let us also not forget the smaller but also important segment of occupational lung disease related to the poor air quality affecting factory workers. employees in the mining industry etc. Chronic exposure to pollutants in this setting can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPO) and even forms of lung cancer. Therefore, periodic evaluation, use of protective gear and strict norms for limiting exposure is mandatory.

Water Pollution

The pollution of water can occur at various levels. The use of chemical fertilizers which can seep in to the water, sewage contamination and toxic effluents from industries are some sources of water pollution. The digestive system is the major organ that gets affected with water pollution. Bacterial, viral and protozoal infections spreading through contaminated water cause waterborne illnesses including diarrhoeal diseases, typhoid, hepatitis. etc. All age groups could be affected with this including infants, children and senior citizens.

Noise Pollution

High frequency hearing loss which is mostly asymptomatic and related to noise pollution, affects the general population and is sometimes occupation related. The increasing prevalence of this effect of noise pollution should urge us to ask for more stringent norms to limiting this kind of pollution.

Radioactive Pollution

The increasing use of nuclear energy can lead to higher incidence of cancers, infertility and also birth defects in children.

Other Forms Of Pollution

The other kinds of pollution including soil contamination, light pollution etc. are emerging as major factors which affect not just the human race but also the already stressed environment. Every individual should try to take up the responsibility to overcome the challenge of environmental pollution and limit the damage to an already fragile ecosystem. This could be the only way we can try to prevent the disturbing trend of environmental illnesses prevailing or increasing.

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