The Earth Connects And Its Health Benefits

The Earth Connects And Its Health Benefits

“When our body is in contact with the Earth, our biological system can derive significant benefits from this dynamic”

The Earthing Concept
Back in school, we all understood that the basic concept of Earthing refers to the connection of an electric circuit to the Earth or the ground, which is necessary for any power circuit. However, over the past few years, a new meaning of the word, ‘Earthing’ started to surface which refers to the actual contact of the human body with the Earth, meaning connecting with any natural surface, like the soil, grass, sand, water etc. It could also involve walking with bare feet or even actual sleeping on a totally natural surface.

Connection With The Earth
Plants and animals get whatever they need from the Earth and our ancestors were completely connected with the Earth. They got whatever they needed from the soil and water, including food and water and used basic materials derived directly from the Earth.

But as mankind evolved, we started getting more and more disconnected from the Earth – footwear cut oft direct contact with the ground, houses were paved with synthetic materials, everything was modified and became convenience-based and almost all natural contact with the Earth was removed.

The Earth’s Natural Energy
However, the concept of using the Earths natural energy to activate the body is now being rediscovered. Initially, it was considered as a fad, but over the past few years, this concept is being scientifically studied and its benefits are being validated.

The Earth is a natural source of energy and its surface charge of electrons makes it a huge energy field. When the body is in contact with the Earth, the biological system can derive significant benefits from this dynamic field. When one walks on the grass barefooted, the natural vibrant gentle energy from the earth, is an immediate subjective sensation that can be felt.

The negatively charged free electrons on the surface of the Earth are small currents in the Earth’s field. These basic currents can traverse body tissues through the cells, the water and electrolytes which are the main constituents of the body and lead to numerous health benefits.

Health Advantages

Reduces Inflammation
Closer contact with the Earth provides a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation, which is said to be the root cause of a variety of diseases, be it of the bones or joints or even cardiac illnesses, is markedly reduced both subjectively as evidenced by reduced pain and objectively by reducing markers in chronic diseases including immune mediated diseases.

Heals Chronic Pain Syndromes
Pain and soreness of muscles and joints are known to reduce and definite improvement is noted in longstanding backache and pelvic or foot related pains.

Improves The Sleep Cycle
As a result of a significant steadying of the body’s circadian rhythm, a marked improvement in the sleep rhythm was noticeable among barefoot walkers. Overall, stress levels were much better which also contributed to a better and more restful sleep.

Regulates The Nervous System
Most neuropathic pain syndromes were tolerated better by subjects and Earthing was noted to have an effect on the autonomic nervous system too.

Improves Cardiac Regulation
The beneficial effects on the metabolism and nervous system, an indirect positive effect on the cardiac rhythm due to the reduced anxiety and stress levels, a significant reduction in the blood viscosity, which is noted with Earthing – all contribute to an improvement in cardiac function.

Improves Hormonal Dysregulation
Hormonal disturbance, especially related to premenstrual syndromes and in people suffering from severe dysmenorrhoea, were significantly better in people who practised the concepts of Earthing.

Boosts Immunity And Energy A boosting in immunity and improve energy levels are known effects of Earthing, probably related to the antioxidant-like effect that a good outdoor barefoot walk provides.

A few precautions are necessary in certain categories of patients who may also be at a slightly increased risk of infections and injuries with barefoot walking. This includes diabetic patients, patients with peripheral vascular diseases, the elderly and those with local skin conditions. They too can derive the same additional benefits, but need to consider barefoot walking on a good clean ground, without injuring themselves.

Health Tip
Given the appreciable improvement in the quality of life and the maintenance of correct body equilibrium with the above health benefits, we must rediscover the joys of experiencing the feel of the Earth again!

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