Teenagers: How to Stay Healthy

Wellness Tips For Youngsters

Ask any teenager or youngster what their favourite food is and nine times out of ten, the reply would be pizza or burger! The availability of junk food has increased immensely in the last decade and this means, there is the skyrocketing of food related diseases for which parents too are responsible to a certain extent.

The Trend Of Eating Out

Sixty per cent of the Indian population is below the age of thirty and this has created a new market to cater to the appetites of the young Indian consumers. Eating out has become a trend and is regular expenditure amongst the youth. Today, we are all in a rat race to make it big in our careers and tend to compromise in many areas such as social functions and home cooked meals.

The Good News

A lot of people are becoming aware of the ill effects of fast food. junk food and processed food. And awareness is the first step towards bringing about a change.

It we want our teenagers and youngsters to eat healthy and nutritious food, we need to make them aware of the benefits of healthy food and disadvantages and harmful effects of unhealthy food. it is very important to set the right example. so food served at all meals should be healthy and nutritious.

Nowadays, youngsters are becoming aware of the benefits of health and well-being, they understand that it isn’t merely about body building or size zero figures!

It is heartening to note that there seems to be an increasing number of teens nowadays who are well informed about the pros and cons of exercises and are approaching their issues of weight loss! weight gain in a sensible manner.

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The Balancing Factor

Similar to all things, fitness also revolves around the concept of striking the correct balance. Looking healthy is no more about looks but about maintaining a healthy life. It is a complete package of stamina, better immunity. strength. endurance, enhanced physicality and emotional soundness, which in totality, define fitness.

The habit of exercising needs to be inculcated early in lite. Once youngsters get into the lazy rut, it becomes a little difficult to motivate them. Getting oft the additional weight is tricky and when the results do not show immediately, despite efforts, it further demotivates them.

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Healthy Guidelines

  • Incorporate activity into your daily lite by playing games like cricket, football, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton or swim or brisk walk daily. This does not feel like exercising and it is great tun to spend time with your friends.
  • Consider riding a bicycle to school or college. The many benefits are zero dependability on public transport and its availability. Bicycles are environment friendly and there are no daily expenses of fuel or tickets. Thirty minutes of riding a bicycle is enough to keep fit.
  • The conventional way of exercising by joining a gym s ideal for those into body building or for those who want to take up sports/athletics professionally. There are many types of exercises to choose from these days and exercises should not be of pain and agony. Enjoy it and be regular and committed. To alleviate boredom and lack of motivation, opt for exercises like boot camp, aerobics, dance, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, calisthenics etc.
  • Eat with awareness. ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,’ said the father of medicine. Hippocrates.
  • lnclude pranayama and a few minutes of meditation to help you de-clutter. release stress, anxieties and tensions and for better focus and concentration and self-belief
  • Sleep and rest well. This allows your body to heal and correct all imbalances to experience better alertness and creativity. Besides these, reading books, spending time with friends and family, prayers – all contribute to bringing cheer, joy and happiness.
  • Laugh out loud. When you smile or laugh, your body releases natural opiates called endorphins. They help reduce stress. bitterness. depression and increase the strength of your immune system. So, keep smiling.
  • Always maintain an attitude of grace and positivity through good quality thoughts and actions. This will surely heal you from within and wilt keep you calm, composed and a feeling of being well all through your life.
  • One golden rule that must be followed is, everything In moderation, be it exercises or eating.’Anything in moderation will not harm you and the best of things in excess with definitely harm you.
  • Proper integration of exercises, a disciplined lifestyle and a nutritious diet, resting well and good attitudes influences our health, our physical, physiological and psychological well being and makes our lives ailment and stress-free.

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