Techniques That Help Improve Your Smile

Techniques That Help Improve Your Smile

Life is short, so it’s best to smile while you still have teeth! Another reason to smile is because a smile will never go out of fashion. We generally hide our smile due to many reasons like crooked teeth, discolouration, gaps and fractures and due to many more unaesthetic reasons. But the good news is that there are many non-invasive techniques to deal with these issues. Here are some of these techniques that can help you to get a dazzling smile!

  • Zoom whitening
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth jewellery
  • Smile design: veneers and laminates

Zoom Whitening

One of the major reasons many don’t smile is because of the discolouration of their teeth. Zoom whitening is a cosmetic procedure which is an in-office bleaching process, known for its ability to quickly whiten discoloured teeth. It is a most popular and cost-effective procedure which offers a significant colour change in a short period of time.

Zoom whitening helps in getting rid Of the stains on the enamel of the teeth. It lightens the stains and restores the natural colour of the teeth, which is a couple of shades lighter. Zoom whitening also provides instantaneous results that lasts for a relatively longer period of time, if maintained well. Plus, it has no side effects.

Orthodontic Treatment

Those who have crooked or irregular teeth and gaps between their teeth suppress their smile. It also affects the confidence of an individual. Therefore, to instil confidence in a person again and to also bring back their smile, non- invasive orthodontic treatments such as lingual braces, tooth coloured braces and Invisalign are beneficial.

Smile Design

Smile design involves changes made to better your smile, as it helps in boosting self-confidence and affects day-to-day life in a positive way. This technique involves filling of the gaps, changing the shape of the teeth and generally improving your smile. For this technique, veneer laminates which are a custom-made shell of tooth-coloured material designed to cover the front surface of your teeth, is used so as to improve appearance.

Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewellery is a crystal gem used on the teeth to add an extra sparkle to your smile. This is a cost-effective procedure that requires no drilling. The fixing of teeth jewellery which is a dental luxury, is usually applied to the labial portion of the upper teeth to enhance the impact of your smile.

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