Some Not So Common Signs Of Cardiac Pain

Some Not So Common Signs Of Cardiac Pain

“Delay in receiving treatment can cause irreversible damage to the heart muscle that may not be reversed with any procedure or medications”

The vast majority of people link a heart attack with a crushing sensation in the midsection of the chest, with transmission to the jaw or radiation down the left arm. Medical students are taught the characteristic ‘Levine’ sign – the patient puts a gripped clench hand in the midsection to describe the tormenting pain.

Atypical Symptoms

However, if you are a woman, elderly or diabetic, possibilities are that you won’t have any of these classic symptoms. but will have more ‘atypical’ symptoms and unfortunately, these atypical pains are often mistaken for indigestion and missed by many people. Thus, it is important to know the typical and the atypical pains that should require an immediate visit to the closest hospital.

A majority of people describe the pain as discomfort, pressure, crushing, squeezing. tightness, constriction, strangling, burning, heartburn in the chest, band-like sensation, something stuck in the middle of the chest or throat, an ache and an overwhelming pain into the midsection – almost like an elephant sitting on your chest.

Pains Not Connected To The Heart

However, some of the pains that make it unlikely to be from the heart are fleeting, knife-like stabbing, alternate pins and needle pricks, lasting for seconds. Here are a few characteristics of the discomfort that is less likely to come from the heart:

  • Fleeting pain lasting seconds
  • A sharp pain lasting seconds
  • Pain that worsens on pressing the area
  • Pain that changes with movements

Get An Early Diagnosis

When blood flow to an artery of the heart stops because of a blood clot, every second matters. Delay in receiving treatment can cause irreversible damage to the heart muscle that may not be reversed with any procedure or medications. It can further precipitate various other complications like arrhythmia and heart failure. But a lot of these can be easily prevented with early diagnosis that can lead to prompt treatment. Thus, the earlier you get to the hospital, the better.

People often disregard the common and not so common warning signs and symptoms that may be related to cardiac discomfort. It is important to remember that it you have discomfort that seems abnormal, then you should visit the closest hospital immediately. Early recognition of heart disease prompts early treatment that leads to improved survival.

Health Tip

It is important to remember that if you feel uncomfortable or just feel funny see your doctor. The above mentioned symptoms can only guide you towards the diagnosis of cardiac discomfort, but do not substitute an actual doctors evaluation.

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