Skin Care Tips To Control Acne

Skin Care Tips To Control Acne

The skin condition known as acne, usually strikes those who have oily skin and especially teenagers, as hormonal activity triggers the glands which secrete oil. Though many are not aware about this fact, blackheads are a sure sign of the beginning of acne. The blackheads that are neglected affect the surrounding skin tissues which results in swelling, paving way for acne and pimples. It’s rtant to note that pimples just an inflammation, but acne be the result of activity of eria, with several eruptions.

Adopt A Daily Skin Care Regime

Cleansing is key for healthy skin. Daily skin care with products that are suitable for your skin is the only way of protecting it from eruptions and oily- skin conditions, as your skin’s pores must be free from dirt and moisture. It your skin is oily, use an astringent toner to cleanse your skin.

Some natural ingredients like green tea act as astringent toners. You can also make your own astringent toner by mixing rose water with witch hazel – look for witch hazel in a cosmetic store. Also, cleansing your face at night is a must to get rid of makeup, stale oil, sweat deposits, and pollutants.

Managing Acne

Medicated soaps and cleansers are also effective to treat acne. If your skin is oily and sensitive, avoid using oily creams and moisturizers. However, if your skin ever feels dry in winter, or after washing, mix small amounts of glycerine with some rose water. Keep in an airtight bottle, preferably chilled and apply this solution for relief from dryness.

Sandalwood paste mixture is effective when it is applied on pimples, boils, and acne. If you have a rash, mix sandalwood paste with rose water and apply it on your entire face. Wash it off with plain water after 20 minutes.

Lifestyle Tips To Avoid Acne

Acne points to a skin and system which faces certain issues. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a diet that helps in cleansing of the system and flushing out toxins and wastes from your body.

Your diet should be high in fibre and rich in vitamins and minerals. Hence, include fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouts, whole grains buttermilk and lasslin your diet.

Drink adequate amounts of water daily. You can also try adding a little lemon juice to water and have it before breakfast.

Additionally, exercise daily, (after consulting your doctor) and practice some deep breathing exercises to control stress.

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