‘Silence helps you conduct a self analysis and also helps you to look for answers within”

The Noise Of Your Thoughts

Silence can take you to the place where no one else can, because when you are silent, you are with yourself. The absence of noise around you is silence and this silence cannot be ignored. Initially, when you shut out the outside noise, there may be silence outside, but noise inside – the noise of your thoughts. This is the first stage of silence.

In this stage you think about what’s happening with you and may have thoughts of your issues in life and at times you may be able to find solutions to some of your problems. This silence helps you conduct a self-analysis and also helps you to look for answers within. Here, in this stage you are only able to shut out the outside noise.

The Absence Of Thoughts

If you practice to shut out the noise of our thoughts, you will reach the second stage of silence, which is the absence of thoughts. Just a thoughtless, silent, still mind and you are the observer of this stillness. This is a beautiful stage to be in, because nothing troubles you here – neither your work, your spouse nor your finances, just nothing at all. This is a sheer blissful stage of pure silence. Though it may be a bit difficult to reach this stage, but if you experience this stage, enlightenment is not far away.

The Eternal Music Of The Universe

With persistent practice of the second stage, you will enter the final ecstatic stage of silence, whereby you will hear the eternal music of the universe which is being played inside you 24 x 7 but you can’t hear it, unless you reach this stage. This soulful ‘music’ gives you unconditional peace, joy and contentment beyond expression! Also, in this stage, you will feel the presence of God and every muscle in your body will feel and experience the bliss!

Discover A ‘New You’

Such silence is empowering, rejuvenating and healing. It makes you complete. If you practice this silence and stillness regularly, you will discover a ‘new you’ as it is the silent state when you let go of physical reality, to experience the truth of the big picture and infuse it with the purpose of your life.

Are The Elderly‘Suffering In Silence?’

Man is a social being, loneliness at any age Is detrimental to health. Hence, social isolation and silence is as bad for health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness leads to high blood pressure, mental illness, depression and addiction. Isolated adults also need more medical attention, But as people age, they become silent, invisible and slowly recede to the unknown realms of society.

‘Suffering In Silence’

Help Age India reports that 31 per cent of older persons lace abuse, material exploitation, financial deprivation, property grabbing, abandonment, verbal humiliation, and emotional distress. And their silence stems from a tear of losing even the minimal support they receive from family. ITV reports that the elderly ‘suffer in silence’ rather than complain about poor healthcare. The study indicated that 56 per cent of people aged around 65 or more, do not complain of any problems as they are worried about its impact on their treatment in future.

How We Can Help

Apart from the usual stress and depression experience by the elderly, the key issue is silence and loneliness. However, with awareness on elderly needs and their silence on the increase, we can help by reaching out to community resources, educational institutes, business houses etc.

Also, intergenerational bonding is a win-win situation for both generations as youngsters can strengthen family ties for seniors by introducing the use of technology to chat with family, view photographs, and communicate with their loved ones far away on a daily basis. The use of social networking to get in touch with old friends and the use of smart devices will go a long way in alleviating silence in the elderly.

Caring For The Needs Of The Elderly

As individuals we can introduce the concept of befriending a senior in need, populating our community centres with novel programmes and ways to encourage elders to leave their homes and join in once in a while. It we create consciousness about the needs of the elderly and take time to get to know those in our neighborhoods, elders will feel safe and cared for and they can contribute to society in a million different ways. Ageing needs the help and support of all, so let’s pitch in to make this difference in the lives of our friends, family, associates and the elders themselves.

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