Say ‘No’ To Tobacco And ‘Yes’ To A Healthier Life!

Say ‘No’ To Tobacco And ‘Yes’ To A Healthier Life!

Every year, 31st May acts as a reminder to the heavily addictive effects of tobacco and the severe damages triggered by this dang«ous substance. Tobacco not only harms the user but his/her family too, to a great extent. The tobacco industry is continually Its products into different forms to make some of these look harmless, nevertheless, all these products come with the potential to trigger serious health problems. Here are most forms of tobacco.

Forms Of Tobacco

Being the most common form, it’s a roll of tobacco that creates a chemical reaction namely combustion when you light it up.

Electronic Cigarettes:
Though some people consider this electronic smoking as vaping. the device often contains nicotine that’s used in the same way as cigarettes.

It’s a tightly rolled, large bundle of tobacco enfolded in leaf tobacco. Even if the smoke isn’t inhaled, cigar smokers still remain at high risk due to the carcinogens.

Water pipe, or hookah. is a more socially-oriented kind of tobacco use. Generally, flavoured tobacco is heated. then filtered by water. after which it moves through a Pipe to the mouthpiece where it’s inhaled. It can trigger the same detrimental effects as that of smoking

Chewing Tobacco:
It usually comes in loose-leaf strips of minced tobacco leaves that. packed in a foil pouch. Users take a Piece from the packet and place it between their cheek and gum. Apart from carcinogenic effects, it can cause gum loss and oral sores, amongst others.

Tobacco Addiction

Addiction triggered by nicotine that causes temporarily pleasing mood. altering and physical effects in your brain. Nicotine can work either as a sedative or stimulant, depending on what time of the day it is and your body’s nicotine level, From increasing your heart rate. adversely affecting your concentration and alertness. to reducing your blood circulation by tightening the blood vessels, nicotine is no less than a poison. which if taken in large doses could paralyze your breathing muscles, thus causing death. After you use it for the first time. you will develop a tolerance for nicotine, which would force you to increase your level of use to continue enjoying the same effects and averting Withdrawal symptoms.

The Effects Of Tobacco

Tobacco causes harm to almost every organ of the b0dy and triggers various diseases while reducing the overall well-being of its users. The key organs affected are:


  • Damage to the lungs trigger breathing trouble
  • Causes coughing with phlegm
  • Increases the riSk of frequent and more serious attacks of asthma
  • Can trigger lung cancer and emphysema


  • Increases blood pressure and heart rate. nuking the user more prone to heart attacks and heart diseases
  • Triggers difficulties in performing exercises and playing high-intensity sports

Oral Health

  • Triggers bad breath and stains the teeth
  • Can trigger cancer of mouth and throat as well as gum disease
  • Can destruct some of the taste buds

Help And Support To Quit Tobacco

When an individual decides to quit tobacco, here’re some great tips that can be followed:

  • Offer the person support. Tell him/ her that you’re there to visit or talk anytime s/he wants you to
  • Ignore grumpy No matter how grumpy the gets, continue supporting him/her
  • Share some success stories of people whom you know have quitted tobacco and the positive aftereffects
  • Keep an eye on the user. triggers and try, if you can, to help him/her avoid these
  • Keep the user engaged such as going on walks or to movies together. as activities often help the user think less about an addiction

Ayurveda Remedies To Quit Tobacco

Ayurveda helps to eliminate the root cause of tobacco addiction. So here are some effective Ayurveda to quit this addiction:

Chewing a few seeds of this amazing herb can wonders when the cravings tobacco arise It may be difficult at first, but it will assist you to quit tobacco very

Aids in clearing toxic elements and in lowering the cravings for tobacco

It calms down the nerves and lowers the urge for addiction. It can be taken in the form of tea regularly

It helps eliminate the tobacco addiction. Whenever the cravings for tobacco rise, pop a piece of this spice in your mouth and suck on for a while.

Quitting tobacco is a timely process and not a single event make a robust quitting plan today, stick to it religiously and live a healthier, fitter and life!

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