Raising Children in A Gender-Biased World

Raising Children in A Gender-Biased World

As adults nurturing children in an era where gender discrimination still exists is a responsibility we must take on, with clinical precision if we have to change what is not right about our world. We need to create a culture and a mindset that will arrest this trend of inequality for future generations, if we have to give them a lighting chance of survival. Thus, it is time to take stock of the situation and to become accountable.

The Need To Fight Discrimination

The current reality is that for every ten boys, there ¡s only one girl child. Even today, we are talking about girls being drowned in a tub of milk as a way of easing the pain of being born a female! Also in the following moment, we discuss artificial intelligence as the new age learning revolution. How can we attempt to talk about progress, when we still grapple with these fundamental challenges?

Therefore, it is up to us as adults to lead and guide children – instilling in them the values of sensitivity and tolerance and also raising awareness to ensure they become better decision makers who are able to change the existing mindset and end discrimination.

The Way Forward

We have to be role models and demonstrate through example for children to understand how to deal and correct this trend in time. It is a calling for governments to reward families for raising daughters perhaps, or celebrities to create more awareness, a programme of orientation and counselling for young couples who are thinking of starting a family, etc. that will help the future generations. So, the need of the hour is to enable our children to cope with the challenges they face today.

Communication Is Key

School administrators and leadership teams can invest in their communication with parents and also encourage children to participate in all activities irrespective of their gender preference. Making it mandatory for girls to play the same sport makes a case of reflection for children to feel that there Is no discrimination Those who have a mind-set of differentiation, be It families or children need to be counselled and corrected if they are participating in this gender bias. Communication therefore, is the key in this and needs to be used effectively.

No Tolerance For Inequality

A no tolerance’ policy adopted by adults towards inequality needs to become an example and a mainstay. It could be as simple as assisting one’s spouse In household chores. Also, participating in activities considered ‘only for women’ such as cooking and cleaning also subtly sends out the message of equal responsibility. While children receive bold messages, it ¡s these daily observed actions that have a larger impact.

Speaking To Children Openly

Addressing these topics openly with children is also a wonderful medium of orienting and empowering young girls experiencing these challenges and creating a support system for them to be able to feel confident and not bogged down because they face threats, Making boys more accountable and sensitive to the needs of women is also a strong message we need to send out. Respect for each and not just the fairer sex, is the message we send out to our children and repeat it time and time again and forever so that it registers home.

The Proper Upbringing Of Boys

For mothers of boys, Instil in your son a sense of responsibility with regard to how they interact with girls – make sure they are respectful and appreciative of them. This should be a primary concern of their upbringing, If every mother of a boy can create this position in their lite, the girls have nothing to worry about because you would have contributed to a healthier and safer India.

Justice Is The Need of The Hour

Technology these days warrants more protection against crime and surveillance also does lead to safety in many ways. But children need to be oriented and educated about sate trending on social media, Also, more headlines to report offenses and quicker action where law is concerned to bring justice to those discriminated against is a strong requirement.

All of these points combined with a definite message emerging through family experiences Is the only way to lead this changing mind-set.

Those who have a mindset of differentiation, be it, families or children, need to be counselled and corrected if they are participating in gender bias

Become Role Models

It we truly want equality in this country, we need to rise above our own personal beliefs and for the sake of our children, enable this communication and act as role models for our children and the generation to come. We have already lost our own childhood to this and some of us have grown-up children, thus this act should have happened yesteryear! But as we can’t go back In time, we simply need to focus on the days ahead and make them count!

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