Monsoon Care Tips For Pregnant Women

Monsoon Care Tips For Pregnant Women

Giving birth to another lite is a precious gift. However, this gift’ has its own challenges. It is a beautiful time indeed, when you are nourishing another being in your body, but it is also one of the most difficult times, since you have to be extra cautious and careful about even the most mundane of things. Hence, here are some simple, yet important monsoon tips for moms-to-be to ensure a happy and safe pregnancy.

What To Wear

This is the time when being comfortable is your topmost priorIty. However, the monsoons are unpredictable with a tendency to arrive when you least expect it. So make sure you are wearing comfortable and loose clothing to help you move and walk with ease. It is better to wear cotton dothes, but if you are stepping out, wear clothes that will dry up quickly to minimize your chances of catching a cold and falling ill.

When it comes to footwear, make sure all your heels are locked away and you are wearing flat, non-slip shoes that cover your feet, as it is important that you keep your feet protected from the mud and dirty water.

What To Eat And What To Avoid

Along with the monsoons, comes humidity but it is important, especially for the pregnant women to stay hydrated. So, ¡n case it is possible, boil and cool the water before consumption. Also, carry a bottle of water with you whenever you step out, or drink coconut water from a hygienic place. You can also opt for fresh fruit juices, which are preferably homemade.

Avoid eating raw vegetables, especially if they were chopped and kept for some time. Also, keep it in mind, that raw vegetables are a little difficult to digest during pregnancy. If fruits are what you want, go for freshly cut fruits and fresh fruit juices and consume them immediately.

Stop eating outside food completely. Also, refrain from consuming sour foods as these cause water retention. Include bitter foods like turmerica and basil in your diet to fight infections that you may contract from food. Consume a lot of seasonal fwits, including peaches, pears, plums, pomegranates, and bananas, but blanch the green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and cauliflower to eliminate mud, dirt, and worms.

Furthermore, during the monsoons, avoid consuming sprouted grains, duster beans, and potatoes as they might cause Indigestion. Eating overcooked or tried foods also reduces the efficiency of the body, hence ensure that the food you eat is prepared the right way.

Keep Pests At Bay

Monsoons are the breeding time for all kinds of insects and bugs, especially mosquitoes. Apart from being an annoyance, these insects are also carriers of a number of diseases like dengue. malaria etc. Thus, install nets on all your windows and doorways to keep mosquitoes at bay. Also, find a natural mosquito repellent and apply it periodically.

Before the monsoons hit, it may also be a good idea to get a proper pest control done, to free your home from insects like flies, cockroaches, termites, lizards, and mosquitoes, that are synonymous and mosquitoes, that are synonymous with myriad diseases.

Nevertheless, while the process of the pest control is on, make sure you stay away from the house, as this process involves using a lot of chemicals and fumes which, when inhaled, may have a negative impact on you and your baby.

Even after the pest control is done, use a good quality disinfectant to get the floors cleaned and especially in the bathrooms, to keep germs away. You may also use natural disinfectants like camphor and neem leaves to further purify the air and leave the house fragrant.

Tips For The Outdoors

The rainy season is a beautiful time to be outdoors, so in case you do dedde to go out, make sure you are wearing the right dothes, which dry easily and which are comfortable to move about in. Also, shoes that are covered, flat and non-slippery are a must for a trip out ¡n the rains and mud.

If you are stepping out of your home wear clothes that will dry up quickly to minimize your chances of catching a cold and falling ill

Likewise, in case you get your feet dirty with the dirty water on the streets, wash them in warm water with an antiseptic soap to avoid any kind of infection. Carry your own water (preferably boiled and cooled), homecooked food (to avoid the tempting street food) and do not buy chopped fruits or vegetables at all.

While you have to be doubly careful when you are pregnant, do not forget that it is a unique time in your life. So do enjoy the weather, the rains and the fresh breeze as it is the best time to de stress and relax.

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