Meditation: Does It Really Make Your Life Happier?

Meditation: Does It Really Make Your Life Happier?

Every now and then meditation seems to be the only cure for life’s ongoing mental crisis. But how do we stop the crisis from ever happening? Well, the sad truth is we can’t. We usually don’t have control over how situations turn out, however, we do have the choice on how we react to it.

The choice of being happy comes from the way we look at things, the way we react to things and the way we perceive life. And the one activity to do all of that is meditation. The science of meditation actually states that meditating makes life much more happier and peaceful. Meditation has beneficial effects on the whole wellbeing. A simple breathing in and out while letting your mind become sharper, sounds like a dream come true. And the good news is all of it is, indeed true. But how does meditation help you accomplish this?

The Lasting High

When you meditate, the brain pretty much rewires itself. It helps you deal with things better without it being a temporary fix. You don’t need to party hard or take a two-day vacation to forget your problems. Meditating helps you let go and welcomes the hit of happiness which is real and permanent. So, for long-term happiness, studies show that meditation is the way to go.

Say Bye Bye To Anxiety

There’s a part of our brain that controls fear. It’s the amygdala and studies have found that meditation actually manages to shrink the amygdala. And smaller the amygdala, the lesser the fear which in turn means less anxiety!

Say Goodbye To Stress Too

The stress hormone called cortisol considerably decreases while meditating each day for more than four weeks. The lower amount of cortisol makes way for you to be a lot happier.

Hello, Prefrontal Cortex

A program such as the 8-week meditation found that the left prefrontal cortex of the brain had a lot more activity. The prefrontal cortex is the happy, calm zone of the brain and improving its activity evidently makes life happier.

In The Now

Meditation helps us become more aware of our being. It allows us to be conscious of the world around us and within us. This effect of being present here and now has a lot of positive effects. It’s also proven that daydreaming tricks our brain into ignoring immediate necessities and meditation makes you more self-aware by kicking out daydreaming. Hence meditation once again is your ally for being happy.

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