Magnifera Indica Remedies

Magnifera Indica Remedies

Being the source of many vitamins and minerals, mango is often recommended to treat many diseases. The fruit is enriched with vitamin A, B, C and other components like citric acid, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Thus, it is considered to be much more than a mere fruit and botanical experts often refer to mango as ‘Magnifera Indica.’

As a part of homeopathy, there are many diseases and illnesses that can be treated with this pulpy fruit. Natural and Ayurveda remedies too are closely connected to homeopathy, as they do not have any kind of side effects but are helpful in eliminating the root cause of a particular disease.



People ill with diarrhoea are advised to consume dried mango powder with honey, as it is considered to be the best remedy to stop a bowel infection.


This is a lesser known fact but mango can be used as a remedy for cancer too. The fruit serves as a protective shield against colon, breast, prostate and leukaemia cancers. Research studies have indicated that Magnifera Indica comes with natural chemo-preventive elements which are beneficial in combatting the dreadful disease.


Chemical toothpastes have replaced natural remedial elements and are not successful in curing oral infections that lead to toothaches. Thus, brushing your teeth with burnt mango leaves can help avoid toothache and oral infections.


The flavonoids in mango are useful in balancing cholesterol levels, as they effectively help in reducing lipids levels and burn fat to reduce cholesterol levels.

Skin Problems

Mango has various medicinal properties and deals with skin eruptions too, like curing clogging of the pores. It also reduces pimples. You can either eat it to benefit, or else you can also apply it directly on your skin. Furthermore, it works as an excellent moisturizer and keeps the skin hydrated during the summers.


Rich in vitamins and beta carotene, mango improves eyesight. It prevents the chances of night blindness and dryness in the eyes or eye strain, caused due to working for prolonged hours.

Other Mango Cures

Maintains The Alkali Reserve Of The Body Mango is rich in malic acid and tartaric acid and has traces of citric acid. It is quite beneficial in maintaining the alkalinity of the body.

Promotes Weight loss

It is an abundant source of nutrients and vitamins that keep the body feeling fuller. The digestive function gets a boosts with the fibrous properties of the food. Thus, burning calories and aiding weight loss.

Mango Leaves Regulate Diabetes

The fruits leaves are beneficial in regulating insulin levels in diabetics. It is recommended to boil a few mango leaves, leave it overnight to soak and then have the strained decoction en the morning.

Heat stroke

It is advised to beat the heat with freshly-made mango juice with a spoonful of honey, it acts as an instant cooler and prevents a heat stroke.

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