Liberate Your Mind Body And Spirit With Yoga

Liberate Your Mind Body And Spirit With Yoga

“Yoga takes you into the present moment – the only place where life exists”

Yoga is the ultimate tool of liberation – liberation from expectations, anguish and judgment. It also creates room to breathe and space for creativity to blossom.

At the physical level, through asana practice, you can train the body to move with a certain degree of agility and effortlessness. The physical aspect of yoga or asana as mentioned in the yoga sutras, is the first limb of yoga and only a preparation for the physical body to become a vehicle to attain higher possibilities.

Inner Well-Being
Yoga is not about touching your toes or contorting your body into yoganidrasana but more about letting your practice be your guide towards your journey to inner well-being. In our push and shove world, yoga helps us retain that sense of calm when everything around us is frantic. H allows you to go deep into that inner silence and be able to connect with the universe.

Just Be ‘You’
Yoga gives you the freedom to be ‘you’ and break away from the myth of perfection, so you can recognize that there is beauty in imperfections and put an end to the self-sabotaging pattern you so often may find yourself trapped in. Yoga is not something you do, rather it is a way to simply be, embracing your blessings and blemishes in equal proportion.

Activate Your Chakra System
At a deeper level, yaga can take you to a place of stillness, where exists a reservoir of possibilities. Yoga works on activating the chakra system or the subtle energy centres in the body, wherein lie the centres of your willpower, creativity, love, intellect and self-identity or ego. By activating these energy centres you will be able to connect with your true nature, hence unleashing your unbridled potential.

The Zen Mantra
The sacred Zen mantra is to ‘let go’ – letting go of ideals and attachments, of extremes and excesses, of complexities and delusions. The middle path is wide open, helping you navigate your way to transformation and eventually transcendence. “Let come what comes, let go what goes. See what remains” – these are powerful words by Ramana Maharshi.

Develop A Yoga Practice
Come to it every day and come to your breath, which is the key to your self-experience. You will find layer by layer the body will become stronger, emotions will settle into a state of equilibrium and the mind will become still, feeling liberated and nurtured in mind, body and spirit.

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