Kabbadi And Fitness

Kabbadi And Fitness

Kabaddi is the skilful combination of yoga, wrestling and tugging. It involves fundamental movements like running, jumping, kicking, dodging and great presence of mind. In order to perform these fundamental movements, players challenge and improve the following fitness components:

Explosive Strength And Power
During Kabbadi you challenge and improve your grip strength and pulling and pushing power. Total body strength and power ¡s required when you wrestle with your opponents during a match.

The sport is a great way to empower your lungs and increase lung capacity. The chanting in kabaddi has a close relationship with pranayama In yoga. Research shows that in kabaddi the internal organs are exercised along with external organs resulting in a sound mind and body.

Speed And Quickness
Speed is the combination of reaction time and movement time, Since kabaddi depends of your breath- holding capacity, players have to move and think extremely fast and take decisive actions. Quick foot work and multiple direction change during the match helps to improve neuromuscular coordination and movement speed.

Agility And Mobility
Agility is the ability to change directions quickly. In kabbadi, players constantly move in high speed in all directions and this makes them highly agile. Mobility is the flexibility in our joints. And all the fundamental movements like dodging, kicking, running, squatting, getting up from the floor challenge etc. improve our mobility skills.

Balance And Coordination
Kabaddi improves and challenges balance and coordination skills while kicking, dodging and direction change.

Improved Body Composition
Playing kabaddi is a great and fun way to lose fat and improve body composition. The average heart rate during a match fluctuates between 120-160 beats per min and participants easily burn anywhere between 400 to 700 calories.

Improved Decision Making Skills
During kabaddi, a raid usually last for 20 to 30 seconds which means the players have to make split-second decisions. The raider challenges seven opponents and that requires dare as well as an ability to concentrate and anticipate the opponent’s moves, Anticipating an opponent’s moves and their game plan helps one understand the situation and act quickly at the right time and with right decisions. This helps to improve decision making skills and also enhances crisis management skills.

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