How Video Games Effect Your Behaviour Personality

How Video Games Effect Your Behaviour Personality

“There is nothing wrong in playing video games, as long as it doesn’t take control of your life”

Into The World Of Video Games

The virtual world has actually taken over the real world in many ways and playing video games is like a daily chore for numerous people. Right from toddlers to adults, all occupy themselves in some or the other video game and get addicted to it.

Video games like ‘Subway Surfers, “Candy Crush’ and ‘Farmville’ amongst others, make many go crazy. And recently, the video game Pokemon Go’ is a rage. People are banging into things and other people, accidents are taking place and the funny stories continue. However, as everything has positive and negative aspects, playing video games too, has its advantages and disadvantages. So here’s how video games can affect your behaviour and personality.

Positive Aspects

Distracts The Mind From Agony

There is no doubt that video games keep children and adults busy. Children who are ill or patients suffering from pain or discomfort are given video games to distract their mind from their agony so that they can take their thoughts away from their reality for some time at least. Hence, many hospitals in America have video games in their paediatric wards to add to the entertainment factor.

Improves Motor skills

Games need the hands and eyes to work in sync. So due to this hand-eye co-ordination, better and improved motor skills are noticed in children and adults too.

Enhances Decision Making Abilities

Making choices and decisions is part of these games since you don’t ask anyone else but decide things on your own. In such cases, children develop better decision making abilities.

Increases Concentration

The attention span of the younger generation is very low and concentration is a major issue. Children leave studies, home chores and many other activities midway, once they get bored or find it difficult. But video games induce concentration and also make children continue an activity for a long time.

Keeps You Motivated

All video games have levels and as each level is surpassed, there is motivation to go a few steps more. So though you may fail many times, the desire to see what the next level is, keeps you going, till you reach there. This definitely makes you aware that you have to keep going ahead, even when you think nothing is working out. This works brilliantly for people in depression, as going ahead in levels gives them a feeling of progress and being able to pass levels makes them feel worthy of something.

Negative Aspects

May Promote A Harmful Behavioural Pattern

Playing pro-social games induce a sense of goodness and helpfulness in all, but there are a few violent games which include killing people and bombing countries. These destructive games lead to a harmful behaviour pattern. And with the availability of such games for children, we are helping to creating a destructive generation that is ruthless and anti-social. So though there are some video games that are educational and interactive which also help people to have knowledge and social skills, but most of them are antisocial, violent and about murder and destruction.

Only Speedy Activities Are Preferred

Those playing speed games find it difficult to adjust themselves to slow activities and such people also have less patience. They want everything to happen fast. And when things are not fast enough for their liking, they get frustrated. Children who are used to playing speed racing games find delicate and slow-paced activities difficult to complete.

Addiction To It Can Control Your life

There is nothing wrong in playing video games, as long as it doesn’t take control of your lite. However, some people neglect their duties and responsibilities for the sake of completing a few levels in a game. So when your hobby or liking turns into an addiction, it definitely becomes hazardous.

Makes You Lose Track Of Time

Video games have paralyzed our mind to such an extent that we do not even realize how much productive time we are spending on it. Sometimes, you start a game and by the time you stop playing, you have lost precious time allotted for something else or forgotten something that was urgent. Hence, the sense of time goes for a toss, when you give more preference to video games.

Fuels A Sedentary Lifestyle

Many lead a sedentary lifestyle these days, as they don’t get time to exercise or focus on fitness. In such a scenario, video games add fuel to the fire as It only keeps the player glued to one place (with the exception of the new game called ‘Pokemon Go’ which probably is an experiment to fight this ill effects of video games).

Conclusively, anything n excess is bad. So, video games could be a blessing or a curse, depending on the kind of video games being played and the number of productive hours dedicated to it.

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