How To Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution

How To Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution

Let’s face it, if you live in the city the air is more polluted on the outside than indoors. A walk in the park or those delightful morning jogs are now quite daunting where huff-puff is replaced with cough- cough. They probably make you feel worse than when you started off. Extensive outdoor exercises require a lot of breathing in and out, and sadly the amount of pollutants fusing with our bloodstream is far from healthy. So what can you do apart from staying indoors to beat the pollution? Here are a few tips to help you tackle the polluted air.

A Better Schedule

The hottest times of the day actually peaks up the air pollution. So the best times for you to go outdoors is early mornings or the late evenings. The traffic is also considerably lesser during these times of the day and it’s quite a practical solution to avoid falling ill from pollution.

Take A Detour

It doesn’t take an air pollution expert to know that the busiest streets have the highest density of pollutants. It’s best to take a different route if you’re biking or walking, or if you’re in a car, turn the recycled air setting in your air conditioner.

Cover Up

Wear sleeved gloves and a handkerchief over your nose and mouth to filter out the pesky smoke and gases. The smoke not only affect your respiratory system but also your skin. Rashes and other common skin problems too intensify with the chemicals in the air.

Eat Right

Foods rich in antioxidants like green leafy vegetables and dry fruits can really help keep your body strong and resistive to the bad effects of the air. Adding leaves from the drumstick tree and turmeric to the food heightens the benefits.

The outside air is sure to seep into your home too, making the air as bad as the outside. This is actually worse because there are not many ways to escape. Here are a few ways to beat indoor air pollution.

Potting Indoor Plants

Plants such as peace lily, dracaena are very effective in purifying the air. They also change the aesthetics of your home for the better.

Vacuuming Often

The dust mites on the bed and sheets increase and thrive when there’s pollution in the air. It’s best to vacuum at least once a week to prevent this. It can also cause allergies and other itchiness on the skin. Cleaning the filters of the air conditioners and opening the windows at night for circulation helps for sure.

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