How To Prevent Hearing Loss

How To Prevent Hearing Loss

“If you spend a long time stuck in traffic every day, start wearing earplugs”

Not all hearing-impaired people are born with hearing loss. Some people may suffer from hearing loss during their lifetime due to a number of factors. As we age, changes in the inner ear and its functions often cause age-related hearing loss which manifests in the elderly’s reduced ability to hear.

At the same time, some people experience noise-induced hearing loss which is a result of either sudden exposure to very loud noise or prolonged exposure to high decibel noise.

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Guidelines To Retain Hearing Ability

  • Avoid exposure to loud noise – it is important to understand the sound levels of your environment. If you need to shout to be heard or stretch your ears to hear somebody close to you, you are in an environment that is too loud for the ears. Try to avoid such places or minimize time spent there. For example, discotheques, music concerts etc.
  • Wear earplugs if you spend long hours in traffic. The honking of traffics another form of loud noise that should be avoided. If you spend a long time stuck in traffic every day, start wearing earplugs.
    You are most prone to noise induced hearing loss, it you work in high noise places like construction sites, factories, discotheques etc. So, make sure you religiously wear protective ear plugs it you work in such an environment.
  • Take frequent breaks when in a loud environment, It the noise around you is too much to bear, make sure you give your ears regular breaks from all that noise.
  • Avoid using earphones to hear loud music. Hearing loud music on earphones is a worrisome widespread development in recent years. Limit the use of earphones and if you use them, make sure the music is played at moderate levels.
  • Report any discrepancy to an audiologist/ doctor immediately. Any pain in the ear, or ringing, buzzing sound in the ear or reduced hearing ability, must be immediately reported to a doctor.

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