Here’s How You Can Strengthen Your Willpower

Here’s How You Can Strengthen Your Willpower

Telling your body to do things that is not instinctive helps bring about better control and thereby better willpower It is indeed true that the power of the will can allegedly help us do fascinating feats in our lives. We all have this amazing power to conquer every fear and every hurdle that shows up in our way.

However, not all of us are aware of how we can utilise it to the fullest or make it stronger for us to overcome and take control of our lives. So here are a few simple exercises that can make your willpower incredibly strong!

Meditation can bring our stress levels down to a good extent. The front part of our brain is what makes all the decisions, big and the smallest ones too. So overloading it with stress makes it act instinctively. The problem with instinctive decision making is that it barely gives us time to analyse a proper solution. Thus, meditation helps improving our willpower to a great extent by killing off the stress.

Work On Posture
Consciously doing things helps willpower a lot. When you slack and slouch constantly, remind yourself to sit up or walk straight. Being aware of your current state helps bring a great difference in willpower. Telling your body to do things that is not instinctive helps bring about better control and thereby, better willpower.

Encourage Yourself To Stick To Your Plan
It’s all in the mind. Every time you think things aren’t going according to plan, tell yourself otherwise. Every time you tell yourself ‘l cant,’ you’re creating a feedback loop that is a reminder of your limitations. Push yourself to the limit and witness the change in your willpower. At the same time, when you’re trying to quit a bad habit, use the term ‘don’t’ rather than ‘can’t.’ It makes you realise that you don’t need to do this.

Use Your Opposite Hand
When you handle things, use the opposite hand for a day. Doing it every other day will make you conscious of your actions and being conscious of your actions is the key to building your willpower. Try it starting this week, and you will see great results!

Listen To Your Speech
We swear so often these days that our vocabulary becomes limited. Consciously resist the urge to swear and change your most commonly used words to something else. For example, use ‘hey’ if you are known to use ‘hello’ all the time. This seems minor but then again you are consciously doing it and it fights your usual instinct, which has been making you slack off big time!

These are some effective ways to make your willpower stronger. Also, resisting the temptation to do something right away is a big help too. Be it getting your favourite snack or taking your car for a spin, consciously postpone and later reward yourself with an extra snack or a few more hours riding.

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