Here’s How Music Makes Cooking A Breeze!

Here’s How Music Makes Cooking A Breeze!

Listening to music or singing improvs culinary abilities and prevents agitation that arises as a result of daily household tasks and routine cooking

The tales of household affairs are known to induce agitation and anxiety in many working women, they have to rush through the tasks of waking the children, cooking, packing lunch, serving breakfast, winding up everything and then getting ready for work themselves!

So, wouldn’t life be so much simpler if only, they could breeze through these tasks? But here’s some good news1 Recent studies indicate that listening to music or singing, improves culinary abilities and prevents agitation that arises as a result of daily household tasks and routine cooking.

Cooking Promotes Mindfulness

Music plays a vital role in households and cooking areas, as it increases creativity while experimenting with new recipes. A Zen monk considers only two jobs more important next to meditation – cleaning and cooking accompanied by music.

Switching on music while initiating the daily household chores and cooking, helps you stay in the moment and prevents your mind from wandering. Also, a great way to practice mindfulness is to cook, The state of open and active attentiveness in the present moment, is mindfulness and living in the moment and being awake to experiences is the essence of being mindful.

Women are experts at multitasking and their first training of the same, begins in the kitchen, cooking numerous dishes and doing household chores at the same time. Research states that this multitasking ability makes a woman more pragmatic and reasonable and combining music with it, makes women more productive and curious.

Music Enriches The Cooking Experience

Sonos, the manufacturer of Smart Speakers in a tie-up with Apple Music, brought out a book on the effects of music on cooking and daily clichéd housework. The study conducted revealed that when families abstained from music while working, they gave lethargic outputs, whereas when they heard music, all members assembled in the kitchen with their accessories and exuberantly started cooking.

Moreover, a particular genre of music is usually recommended by many restaurant owners that include French music which influences the listener to cook and experiment with new things. Matthew Hickey the Turntable Kitchen owner, says that the natural affinity between experiencing good music and good food is so powerful, that both – good song or a good meal, are capable of invoking old memories.

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