Healing With Dance Therapy

Healing With Dance Therapy

“By allowing your body to express and free itself through dance you can allow your mind the same kind of benefits”

When dealing with the stress and pressure of day-to-day life, many people are falling prey to physical as well as mental illness. And to treat these illnesses, many people turn to various forms of treatment – medication, counselling and therapy. One such healing technique that has become rather popular in recent years is dance/ movement therapy, also known as DMT.

DMT & Mood Management

This technique uses dance based movements to help achieve emotional, physical and mental integration. DMT is often used to reduce stress, prevent diseases and even help with mood management. Not only does it provide freedom for expression and stress relief, but dance therapy can also build muscular strength, improve coordination and stability leading to a holistic sense of well-being. Many people undertake dance therapy to also overcome issues with self esteem and body image. Here are a few ways in which dance therapy is helping heal people with different problems.

  • It has a positive effect on people who are suffering from depression
  • Dance therapy also helps reduce feelings of violence and aggression in people and encourage stronger feelings of social involvement
  • It can help treat chronic pain through strengthening the body and also leading to feelings of happiness which can take away from the feeling of pain
  • It can help those suffering from post-traumatic stress by giving an outlet for expression

Healing Body And Mind

Movement particularly in the free flowing form of dance can express various emotions and depict personality too. The body and mind are interconnected. So by allowing your body to express and free Itself through dance, you can allow your mind the same kind of benefits. The moves represent various processes of the body and mind and act as an outlet for various thoughts which ultimately allow the body and mind to heal together.

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