Get Illuminated From Within With Lucia Light Therapy

Get Illuminated From Within With Lucia Light Therapy

Light is a basic physical element and a stimulus which can help activate neurochemicals and endorphins released from our pineal gland, or in mystic terms called the ‘third eye.’ There have also been various ancient practices over the years involving light in the form of flames and strobes, which are gateways to help open experiences and awakenings.

The Theta State of Mind
Since we currently live in a fast paced world and are frequently confronted with the factors that disturb peace, presently, there is an evolutionary light technology developed by neuroscientists that helps in creating and reaching a deep sense of meditation or that which replicates the theta state of mind, called the hypnagogic state or hypnagogia.

The constant bombardment of noise, polluted air and stress and anxiety has made it difficult to sit quietly, travel inward or possibly meditate. This affects well-being as a whole and physically, mentally and spiritually makes one feel imbalanced, less creative, less Intuitive, less receptive and lacking in energy.

Lucia Light Therapy
Lucia Light can be simply defined as a neurostimulator that creates a fusion of flickering light with a constant light. The Lucia Light Machine controlled by a computer, layers the lights by combining different frequencies, speed, and intensities to guide your experience.

There are eight LEDs and one halogen lamp in the centre of the Lucia Light Machine and over 150 personalIzed and modified programmes, which are released by the manufacturers on regular intervals. A session is always guided by a fully trained personnel called a ‘light attendant.’

How Does Lucia Light Therapy Work?

The Lucia Light therapy triggers the pineal gland and cleanses ¡t with photon energy of the light that helps produce mind-activating hormones that leads to enhanced creativity and influences the production of melatonin. Thus, while undergoing this therapy, an individual experiences a deep sense of relaxation.

The Lucia N°03 Light Meditative System also stimulates EEG brain wave patterns which means if the brain works in normal states, it suddenly finds itself shifting to the theta states, a state of all alertness but when one is physically, emotionally and mentally relaxed. Even novice mediators find this light therapy suitable to experience a state of deep relaxation!

Benefits Of Lucia Light Therapy

  • An experience of a deep sense of relaxation that is rapid and sustained
  • A better learning performance
  • Intense feelings of happiness – endorphin release, theta states
  • Enhanced creativity – able to explore creative intelligence, remove creative blocks
  • Deep emotional cleansing
  • Spiritual experiences – immersion into worlds never seen before
  • Increased intuition, experiencing timelessness and spacelessness
  • Promotes restful sleep, gets rid of insomnia and resets your biological clock
  • Stimulates brain activity
  • Enhances mood and ability to concentrate
  • Supplements other therapies ADHDP PTSD

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