Fighting Infections With Antibiotics

Fighting Infections With Antibiotics

The white blood cells protect our body from external wounds or from foreign organisms like viruses and bacteria, known as inflammation. As a result of this the affected area swells up and the chemicals from white blood cells are released towards the affected area to protect it from further issues. The releasing of chemicals to the affected area can create redness and warmth.

What Are Antibiotics?

Any substances which has the power to prevent the growth and multiplying of the bacteria or which can kill them right away, are known as antibiotics. This medicine can target infections and help in killing the bacteria. As fungi and other harmful viruses also exist, antifungals and antivirals help in targeting and destroying them. Substances which target only the bacteria are called antibiotics.

The Role Of Antibiotics

Antimicrobial is a general term which is mentioned for anything which can kill microbial or affected cells including antiseptics, antibiotics, antivirals as well as antifungals. The immune system in the human body can fight off several infections by itself without any intake of drugs or antibiotics. But when an antibiotic is ingested, the medicine helps to prevent further bacterial growth and helps to heal and recover at a faster rate.

Dosage And Effect Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are usually not recommended for a small or minor bacterial infection (as it has side effects) unless it is worsening the condition of the immune system as well as the body. The dosage and course of antibiotics solely depends on the condition of the patient, density of the issue or inflammation and a lot of other health related factors. The proper dosage and care for the immune system can help in the destruction Of the bacteria and encourage a faster recovery from inflammation.

Antibiotics help in reducing the inflammation in the affected area, as clearing out the infection reduces inflammation. Also, several variants of antibiotics, with different functions and strength are used depending on the severity of inflammation. Antibiotics can adopt different methods to remove the inflammatory cells such as altering the chemicals like cytokines and many other chemicals present in the cells.

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