Fight Depression With Hope

Fight Depression With Hope

Unless you are pathologically ill, depression is mostly self-created due to the non-fulfillment of your expectations. Of course, chemistry is involved as well, because everything has a chemical basis, but if you remain in a certain level of mental alertness and awareness, chemistry will fall into place by itself. However, right now you do not have the capacity to maintain that level of alertness.

Having Great Expectations!

At present, if the stock market gets depressed, many people will go into depression as well, Many of them may never even have touched that money, it is just that every day they saw the graphs rising and their mood ascended correspondingly. But when they see the graph falling. their mod too WIS. This is because things didn’t tum out as expected!

Depression And Your Mood

The word ‘depression’ is used only with reference to your mod and not to your mind. It is only the mood. which has gone into depression. People can many ways. If you take away what they think is precious, their mood will be depressed. The tragedy of most people. especially those in affluent societies is that they have everything and yet have nothing!

The Missing Ray Of Hope

If you visit some poor village in India, you will see joyful faces around you, even though they are impoverished. This is because they are hopeful about tomorrow. In affluent societies, this kind of hope is missing, Hence, when one feels depressed, it means that certain hopelessness has set in. So even though there is food, there is housing, there is clothing, there is everything, but there is still a feeling that something is wrong! But they just do not know what.

A poor man may simply think to himself, ‘If I get a new pair Of shoes tomorrow, everything will be fine’ and if he happens to get it, he will walk like a king With great joy on his face! This is because he has hope! So, all we have to do is strive to achieve success by generating hope. only then the world be beautiful.

The spiritual process is not just about fixing the objective aspect of your life, but also about taking care of the subjectivity of who you are. Or else, you will have everything and yet have nothing!

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