Enclosed In Harmful Electronic Fields

Enclosed In Harmful Electronic Fields

We all desire maximum financial growth, but we hardly spare a minute to think of the side effects of the technological means used for financial acceleration. Materialistic things may look great to all of us, but at the same time we have to indirectly pay for what we ignore. Health related repercussions are tar away from our realisation, though we are aware of life not being a linear form – it is a mix of health, wealth, peace, social life, mental intensification, spiritual growth and much more. Hence, it Is not justified to look at lite from only a single perspective.

Health Risks Awareness

Due to over dependency on extreme modern means we are losing our most valuable treasure, health. And though consciousness has increased towards being fit, the hidden factors that cause illness is more important to be looked upon. Health is the most important aspect of life, because good health gives us good wealth.

If you are ill you will not work properly and may become negative and depressed. So you will not earn enough and less earning will lead to procuring and consuming less healthy foods. Less healthy foods again will lead to being unhealthy. So this is a cycle that needs to be broken at its initial stage.

Electromagnetic Radiation

There may be many sources of negative vibes which adversely affect our health, but electromagnetic radiations are the silent killers. And though many national and international forums are debating the impact of EMR, there is still no widely acceptable formal conclusion to curb it. In fact, we cannot live without the emitters of EMR. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly we try to divert our attention from these phenomena.

Traditional games are passe due to the influence of ultra-modern playthings like battery operated toys, computer games, net surfing, education on laptops, excessive television and of course getting everything on the digital notebooks or tablets. These devices have not only confined children within four walls but children are gradually enclosed in electric and electronic fields which are made of EMR.

Children And EMR

Children nowadays hardly play in the open. They have a mechanised routine from dawn to dusk. Study has become their only aim, reinforced by parents and society. Hence, anaemia, jaundice, migraines, vision defects, weakness and other problems are very common in children nowadays.

From birth to the age of matriculation children have a tiresome daily routine. Even on holiday tours, excursions, other family gatherings and ceremonies, their maximum attention keeps them in a formal psychological state of mind, which they leave pending at their home town.

Are You Addicted To The Internet?

Overcoming The Negative Vibes

To get relief from these factors, elders have to come forward to initiate a different routine whereby all can stay away from electric and electronic gadgets as much as possible.

As a general trend, health conscious people are trying to stick to a few essential steps like getting up early in the morning, doing some light exercise, yoga, playing etc. The young generation is also becoming health conscious but most of them attend gymnasiums but there too, there are electronic gadgets like treadmills and other equipment.

Though there is no harm in going to a gym, natural exercises in open spaces, gardens, lawns and parks yield better results in a healthier way. And for those who have very small houses with no open courtyards, they should use their rooftops to do some deep breathing exercises and for walking too.

In offices too, whenever you feel tired, get a headache or feel similar uneasiness, you should come out in the balcony or downstairs to relax. This may be a life supporting action, especially when you are in a business where non-stop conversations on mobile-phones or calling tabs cannot be avoided. Keeping cell phones slightly away from the brain and talking on a low volume may also be added as a routine. Once we are determined to contemplate over various small and big steps to stay within controlled limits of EMR, we may feel the change.

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