Does Grooming Hold Any Weight?

Does Grooming Hold Any Weight?

A question we often wonder about is, does it really mailer what I wear or how I carry myself? The answer is yes! It does matter. Proper grooming has an important role to play in today’s competitive world and it is equally important for both men and women. It’s not only to create a first impression, but a lasting one as well, It also boosts self-confidence and makes one look presentable to gain others’ respect. It therefore boils down to how you treat yourself.

Be Well Turned Out
A well groomed person is always received well by other people. Society too looks up to a person who is presentable. Would you not like a salesperson coming to your house to be well dressed and well-mannered? The same principle applies to all kinds of professions. Consequently, a salesperson should be well dressed, a doctor should be wearing a neat and tidy lab coat as a casual look may put patients off. If a CEO of a company moves around in shorts, what would your reaction be? It is the same reaction people interacting with you will have, if you are not well groomed

For women, especially those who manage home and work both. an impression that work can’t be managed should never arise. It a woman is well groomed, chances of getting a job or getting better opportunities is always bright. However, you should be well groomed not only for professional reasons but remember, taking care of yourself and making yourself presentable improves personal relationships as well.

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Key Areas To Focus On

  • Clothing should be perfect for the occasion and colours should be matched and not too bright.
  • Hair should be well managed and should not give off a shabby look.
  • Nails should be cut and shaped.
  • Accessories should be well selected.
  • Make-up (for women) should not be too bright and should gel with your outfit and complexion.
  • Be careful with the shoes you wear, as these get noticed the most.
  • All said and done, you may just beat all odds, ¡f you have the right communication skills.

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