Dietary Requirements Of Growing Children

Dietary Requirements Of Growing Children

Food nurtures the physical, emotional and growth process of each infant, child, and adult. Thus, growth and development requires both nutritional and psychological support. Food eating patterns too, play a crucial role in overall development.

Tips for a Balanced Diet for Growing Children

Offer A Variety Of Food:
Try making your child’s plate as colourful as possible. Keep experimenting With a variety of foods so that they can develop proper taste.

Monitor Portion Control:
Give them small portions to form a balanced nutritious dish consisting Of f00dS from different food groups.

Plan Meals Daily:
Plan your children’s meals well in advance, so that you are aware of what is provided and its quantity. Also, this avoids repetition of food for tiffin as well as at home.

Balance Nutrition:
Provide foods from all food groups. grains such as oats, barley. whole wheat, jowar, and bajra in considerably good amounts. followed by protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, egg, lentils, sprouts, dairy products, and vegetables. Serve a minimum of one fruit as a snack, at least once, every day.

Adopt Healthy Cooking Methods:
Try using healthy cooking methods like steaming, blanching, baking. grilling and stir-frying for cooking

Add Seasonings:
Use more natural and fresh spices and ingredients such as ginger, garlic, spring onion, onion, pepper, lemon, orange, Vinegar and natural herbs, but in limit.

Do Not Force To Have Food:
It is completely fine if your child dislikes a particular vegetable or food item. Being harsh is not a solution.

Store Nutritious Foods To Tackle Hunger Pangs:
Instead of chips, biscuits and other snacks, try adding dried fruits, baked vegetable chips and multigrain cookies to your shelves.

Be Mindful About Hydration:
Keep a check on the water intake of your child. An average daily intake of five to seven glasses of fluid is recommended.

The Normal Human Cycle Follows FOUR General Stages of Overall Growth and Development

The first year of a child where the growth is rapid and dietary adaption is essential. All the nutritional requirements are met by breastfeeding.

The period where growth is generally slower but the nutritional needs and the appetite increases.

The time where puberty begins with rapid growth. During this critical period, nutritious and healthy food should be given more priority.

Nutritional needs during this phase manifold.

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