Dealing With Toothache And Dental Plaque

Dealing With Toothache And Dental Plaque

Your craving for Belgian chocolate ice cream can quickly fade (with the very first bite) as an overbearingly painful sensation hits your tooth! Little is known about the difficulties that people with teeth sensitivity face, by those who don’t bear it. Sensitivity not only induces intolerable pain in the form of headaches and other health complications, but also keeps those who suffer from it in a state of oblivion because they cannot consume hot, cold, sweet, sour foods and beverages that others enjoy with great fervour.

Managing Toothache And Sensitivity

Tooth decay is often the primary cause of toothache. Other major causes include infection, gum disease, dental trauma, and bruxism. Whenever you experience toothache along with fever and a foul mouth, rinse your teeth with a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide for instant pain relief. Also, visit your dentist and get the source of the infection detected.

There are also several other temporary home remedies you can opt for, depending on your case. If you have sensitive teeth, dental trauma, or loose fillings, cover the affected area with chewing gum while eating and drinking. Also, avoid eating acidic food products as they corrode tooth enamel.

Reducing Plaque Build-Up

Plaque is one of the biggest reasons for tooth related problems which is why it is necessary to remove it with appropriate brushing techniques and regular usage of mouthwash. Moreover, never brush your teeth forcefully, as it can wear away the enamel as well as the cementum. Also, make sure that you use a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste which is suitable for sensitive teeth. Gentle but effective brushing for at least three-four minutes twice a day is recommended.

You must further visit the dentist once in six months for check-ups and oral prophylaxis for minimizing plaque and tartar build-up. This must especially be done by elderly people who suffer the most from tooth related issues. Additionally, everyone must adopt the practise of frequent dental check-ups so as not to face such complications later on.

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