Cycling To Keep Fit

Cycling To Keep Fit

In the modern age of so much environmental degradation, one of the better hobbies we can take up is cycling, It also serves as an extremely fun way to get fit! Cycling works well as a solo pursuit and a group activity and it is equally stimulating, whichever way you choose to pursue it. But where does one start with a cycling routine? Well, here’s the low-down for anybody interested in taking up cycling as a hobby.

Buy A Bike

You can either go for a mountain bike. a road bike or a hybrid. Mountain bikes are the ones that most people go in for. They are extremely durable and ideal for travelling off-road, However, they are also much heavier than road bikes which means that they will be slower on flat surfaces.

A road bike has a lighter frame and smooth, narrow tyros. It’S perfect for travelling at high speeds and good for climbing hills. However, it’s not suitable for taking off-road and the drop handlebars can take a little time to get used to.

If you’re looking for bike that’s suitable for on-road and off-road cycling, you might consider a hybrid bike, also known as a ‘trekking’ bike. The only problem with these bikes is that they’re not as fast or efficient as the road bike on the road, nor as good off-road as the mountain bike. Assess where you’ll be cycling the most and make an informed choice.

Buy Other Equipment

Make sure that you’re also equipped with essential cycling equipment such as a helmet, lights (both front and back for night riding), reflectors (red at the rear, amber for the pedals), a basic tool kit (puncture repair kit, tyre levers, spare inner tube, alien key set or multi-tool and a pump).

Warm Up

It is unwise to just get on a cycle and take off, you’ll need to get your muscles ready for the rigorous exercise routine you’re about to undertake. A daily routine of planks. lunges and squats will ensure that you are fully prepped.

There! Now you’re fully ready to start cycling, for your first week just go easy and ride on flat surfaces, then progress to taking on gradients and once you’re confident, try taking it off-road. Happy cycling!

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