Cure Your Sinus Disorders With Balloon Sinuplasty

Cure Your Sinus Disorders With Balloon Sinuplasty

Sinusitis is the inflammation or swelling of tissue membranes that line your sinuses. The breathing difficulties are usually accompanied by an accumulation of mucus in your nose and maxillary sinus regions, making you feel terrible. Nevertheless, sinusitis is almost self-diagnosable and is broadly classified into acute and chronic.

Acute And Chronic Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis lasts for a shorter period of time – under four weeks, but chronic sinusitis could last for months, causing almost a permanent uncomfortable congested feeling. The most common symptom of sinusitis is an acute pain or inflammation experienced at the cheekbones, the lower-centre of your forehead and the nose region. These pains often trigger headaches that could last up to six hours at a stretch.

You may also need to blow your nose regularly, releasing a discharge that could be cloudy white, yellow or green. This discharge from your nose ¡s due to the mucus that drains down from your sinus cavities. It can also drain through your throat creating an itching sensation and constant postnasal drip. Mucus irritates your throat, usually causing a hoarse sounding voice and a painful sore throat. When you observe such symptoms lasting for over two weeks at a stretch and recurring very often, you may need to see a doctor.

Balloon Sinuplasty

One of the most revolutionary developments in treating chronic sinusitis is balloon sinuplasty. This is an effective way of treating sinusitis and over 330,000 people around the world have undergone this procedure.

Treatment Procedure

The procedure involves inserting a flexible balloon catheter (a device used for draining out the mucus) to open the blocked sinus passage. On inflation, the balloon expands the narrow opening, allowing collected bacterial mucus to be drained out. After draining the mucus, the sinus can be washed with medicated solutions to reduce the chance of recurrence.

In the couple of years following its introduction, balloon sinuplasty has made a paradigm shift in the way sinus diseases are dealt with, It is a less complicated and viable option. However, all sinusitis related diseases cannot be treated with this procedure.

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