Can Cell Phones Affect Your Heart?

Can Cell Phones Affect Your Heart?

There’s no denying that cell phones have become a major part of our lifestyle. With an average time spent on our cell phones having increased to four hours a day, in 2020 it seems like the fascination for cell phones is only rising every day, But is prolonged phone usage safe?

What Researchers Say

There are multiple opinions and studies with regard to the harmful effects of using mobile phones. The WHO had found electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones as carcinogenic, which means it is cancerous for humans. Studies in the past have also revealed that the energy emitted by cell phones appear to increase reactive oxygen species known to cause ageing and diseases.

Effects On Blood Pressure

If we specifically speak of aftermaths of mobile usage on heart health, studies are quite confusing. At a conference of the American Society of Hypertension, researchers and experts have come to a conclusion that the ring of a cell phone can increase the level of blood pressure by up to 8 mmHg.

A study conducted on chronic phone users suggested that a one-minute phone call resulted in a higher heart rate levels too. Studies also indicated that mobile phone radiation affects red blood cells to leak haemoglobin, which then accumulates in the body, leading to heart complications. However, contradicting these studies, a few researchers say that there are no concrete findings indicating hazardous effects of mobile usage on the human heart, till date.

Play It Safe

Although a solid stand on the effect of mobile phones on heart health is yet to be taken, playing safe is the key. Keeping these devices at a distance will help you stay safe from the harmful radiations.

Moreover, one of the leading smartphone companies have included a legal statement on their official portal regarding the safety measures while carrying the phone. According to the safety measures, a distance of 10mm is supposed to be maintained from the mobile phone to aid in minimizing the exposure levels to below normal. Therefore, choosing the hands-free option and using headphones and the built-in speakerphone will be best.

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