Boost Your Health By Keeping Your Home Hygienic

Boost Your Health By Keeping Your Home Hygienic

Ever heard of the sick building syndrome? Perhaps many of us have. But for the uninitiated, it is the unhygienic surroundings inside the house that can make people sick. Dust, dirt, and grime translate into ill health and disease.

Studies have shown that unhygienic conditions are two thirds more indoors than outside, which may include things ranging from garbage, cheap toxic paints on the walls and bacteria formations. Thus, it becomes important to look minutely around for dirt and filth, not just in obvious spots but also at some inaccessible places. In fact, make a plan to examine each space of the house at least once a week.

The Kitchen

This has to be the epicentre of cleanliness, as this is the place which has many edibles that need to be preserved hygienically. Make sure all utensils are scrubbed and cleaned and all nooks and corners are dusted and wiped. Also, it is important to wash all vegetables, meats, and lentils thoroughly before cooking.

The Bedroom

This is one room in the house, where you spend most of your time. Firstly, it is vital to keep your bed free of mites by regularly washing your bedsheets and not eating on the bed. You should keep a special lookout for cobwebs and mites and if need be, use a mild disinfectant to get rid of them.

The Bathroom

There is no other space than the bathroom that needs more attention in terms of hygiene. A dirty bathroom is a potential health risk and a breeding ground for bacteria and all kind of germs. Thus, it is imperative to scrub all surfaces including mirrors, washbasins, tubs, buckets, and mugs. Also, use a liquid toilet cleaner to keep the toilet bowl spotlessly clean.

The Drawing Room

Usually, this is the cleanest room of the house as it is used only when guests arrive. Yet, there can be hidden health risks lurking here too. The carpets are usually the main culprits, as they tend to collect microorganisms. Drapes and curtains too, can attract dust and grime. So wash them frequently, to keep germs away.

Remember, a dirt-free house translates into a healthy home. So keep diseases and illnesses at bay by having a spotlessly clean environment.

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