Beating Back Sugar Cravings

Beating Back Sugar Cravings

“When you reaching for drink a glassful of lemon water instead”

Struggling to satisfy your sweet tooth? Sugar cravings can be very hard to resist – while it may feel temporarily enjoyable, consuming too much sugar too often, is a very unhealthy habit and can lead to many problems later in life. But if you are finding it tough to kick the habit cold turkey, here are a few simple and natural ways with which you can train your body to beat back the sugar cravings.

  • Keep some nuts and fruits handy at the times when you know you are likely to experience a sugar craving – post meals for example.
  • Fruits contain natural glucose and fructose which give the body the necessary sugar to feel satiated and curbs the cravings.
  • Peppermint tea is also a great way to put an end to cravings.
  • Brew some fresh peppermint tea and sip on it after meals.
  • It gives you a feeling of fullness and also leaves you with a delicious taste.
  • When you feel like reaching for the sweets, drink a glassful of lemon water instead.
  • The acidity of the lemon neutralizes the cravings and also gives you a fresh taste in the mouth.
  • Rather than consuming the highly unhealthy processed white sugar, try substituting it with natural agave nectar.
  • It tastes delicious without leading to the unhealthy energy crash in the body.
  • This way, you still enjoy the sweet taste without harming yourself.
  • Sometimes when you think your body is craving sugar, what it really needs is water.
  • Dehydration can lead to an excessive need to consume sugar.
  • So, the next time you want something sweet, try drinking a glass of water instead.
  • This should more often than not naturally eliminate the feeling of cravings.

Try out these simple steps and you will win the battle against unhealthy sugar!

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