Be Still Amid Chaos With Effortless Meditation

Be Still Amid Chaos With Effortless Meditation

Life can sometimes feel like an act of bare survival and it’s easy to get stuck in the jungle of emotions, because we forget that we can simply put this burden down and breathe! But just by simply stopping this emotional hurricane periodically, can provide us with time and an opportunity to redirect our awareness inward, shifting the focus back to ourselves. We also need to remember that we are strong enough to deal with any hurricane that comes our way.

Chaos or confusion is quite natural, but to find peace in between the chaos is something you have to manage. Above all the grief, problems and distractions, you can rest, through effortless meditation, in a calm, quiet and peaceful place. However, meditating in a quiet tea plantation in the hills doesn’t make much of a difference, as peace should originate from within and should not depend on any other external factors or situations.

Nevertheless, it is surely rewarding to stop by and visit a scenic and quiet tea plantations for meditation, as stillness is the space where you can be home and where peace, creative expressions, awareness and love exist.

Effortless Meditation

This practice allows every experience to bring you closer to the deepest spiritual essence of life. It’s a state where you do not have to focus your attention towards anything specific, but become quiet, empty and steady. This is the major and true purpose for all sorts of meditation.

During effortless meditation, both the object which we focus upon and the process on the whole, is left behind where the true self is left as ‘pure presence’ and the deep state of consciousness can be awakened with less effort. It is an energising as well as a calming experience. When it ends, you walk away feeling lighter and more content compared to how you actually were, full of joy and positive energy. In that moment, you will realise that you can bring out the best in your life, be at work or in the family!

So, make sure to give yourself some quiet and peaceful time at least twice a day. The results will be refreshing. You will experience positivity and improvement in relationships in your family and at work. You will so experience an improved sleep pattern, higher rate of creativity and productivity that will further boost you to work hard.

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