Awareness About The Health of Neonates

Awareness About The Health of Neonates

Birthing Process In The Past
Decades ago women got pregnant, carried on their work, delivered at home, got back to their domestic chores within a few days of delivery and life went on? There were no worries of contraception, no investigations or treatment during pregnancy and no scientific backing to know it their babies were normal and healthy’ They only hoped that the delivery should be safe, with no harm to the mother! Women delivered at home with about 15 per cent of them facing some complication which included death of the mother and! or the baby.

The Birthing Scenario Today

With the advent of antibiotics, blood transfusions, safe Caesareansections, safer hospitals, newer technologies such as ultrasound, neonatal intensive care units and genetic diagnosis, we do have better outcomes, both for mothers and their new-born baby. Hence, today our main focus is on how best we can improve the current and future health of the neonate, besides saving the lives of mothers and their new-born babies.

Significance Of Pre Conception Counselling

Nowadays, women are advised to visit specialists before conceiving to investigate and confirm whether they are medically fit to commence the nine-month journey, without harming themselves and their future babies. Unfortunately, more than 95 per cent of couples who are ready to have a baby come only once they are on the family way!

The young people of today are advised to plan their babies with as much detail and precision as they plan their vacations, as this will ensure a beautiful experience and healthy children! Therefore, pre-conceptional counselling ¡s as important as the entire care during the term and the rocess of labour.

Remaining Healthy Through Pregnancy

There has been nsive research on future of children born either healthy, rowth restricted or premature and all evidence points to the fact that babies who received good nutrition during pregnancy and whose mothers control led their medical problems well and remained healthy through pregnancy did the best! Whilst those babies who were born underweight or pre term, had higher chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders in their adulthood.

Therefore, it is important to bear these factors in mind and have the bestof nutrition. On certain occasions, specialists make extra investigations to ensure that the mothers and their unborn babies are getting the best treatments whilst the little ones thrive in their mothers’ wombs.

Babies born underweight or pre-term, have a higher chance of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders ¡n adulthood

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